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We always think that writing essays or just writing is a kind of art. It means that not everyone can write great stories so that they will be interesting not only for granny and mom but also for other people all around the world. We connect good writing with talent, which is not particularly wrong, but gives a sour feeling of being physically unable to reach the goal. Is it true? No, sir. We still can improve as essayists and compose great papers.

Why Do We Postpone the Work?

The thoughts we have when we get the assignment can barely be called happy. We start remembering all the mistakes we have ever made and experience the fear of making them again; we think that we know nothing about the topic and feel lost where to start. That is why when we receive a task to write an essay we begin to feel miserable, untalented and so on. We write something quickly, without paying much attention to it, and then present it as if it was not in our power to make it better.

How to React?

This kind of self-estimation is false. You should learn right now and remember till the end of your life that as a person you can do whatever you want. You do not need any talent because it is an illusion. A talent is nothing but a combination of some skills and a great portion of knowledge in the field. Pure talent is as unworthy as an uncut diamond, and just like it, can only be noticed by those who know how to look for diamonds. Therefore, nobody has talents, they have some ingredients of talent which we will discuss underneath.

Here are things that you need in order to write as a great novelist of the twenty-first century:

1. Work!

The first and the most important thing for you to become someone worthy is to work on it. We are not living in a magic world of fairy tales. Nothing is falling from the sky as a gift. Do you want to write a great essay? Work on it! Do not sit and wait for inspiration, it comes with work. You will find inspiration after ten-twelve pages written and torn into pieces.

2. Motivation

Sometimes you just do not write because you do not want to. People are lazy. That is why science is improving so quickly these days. When they do not want to do something, they invent things which will replace their own work. Scientists are now trying to invent a program which will write novels and poems, like in Orwell’s “1984”. Nevertheless, art is a human’s feature, nothing can replace our imagination and irrationality. Be aware of it. Think about the stuff which interests you, which has left a mark on your soul and try to tell people about it. Essay is when you describe something from your own point of view. With an essay you can add something graceful to the whole inheritance of humanity. Think about it and you will find motivation, or, as it happens, motivation will find you.

3. Silence

Sitting in a Library

If you are laughing at this tip then you are wrong. Think about it. If you are sitting at home in front of a computer screen, listening to music and trying to watch a TV show, all at a time, will you concentrate on your essay? There are many reasons to doubt it. Thoughts cannot be heard when it is too loud. Switch off the TV, turn on melodic and soft music, and you will see this beautiful parade of tiny thoughts coming into your mind.

4. Force Yourself (a Little Bit)

One more myth to talk about is the fact that you will write a perfect paper when you are inspired to do it. If you sit and wait for the inspiration, it will do you no good. To start being productive, you have to at least start doing something. Why not start with doing some basic research? The topic might happen to be so interesting to you, that you will not even notice when you have the rough draft ready. Okay, maybe not a rough draft but an outline and a pile of notes: it is a great start anyway.

Final Tip

See the benefits of writing this paper. Why has the teacher assigned it to you? What are you supposed to learn from completing this assignment? One of the myths is that the papers are assigned just to keep you busy, but it is very far from the truth. You are to study in order to become a great specialist one day, and seeing your paper as another step towards it may help you greatly with writing it.

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