How to Write a CV: Tips

Pen and Paper

We must study in a university in order to get our dream job. Still, there are a lot of examples of people who do their best during the classes, graduate as hardworking and qualified specialists, but cannot find an appropriate work to demonstrate their true abilities and skills. So, what is the problem?

You see, an employer does not know how diligent you are and you need to prove that you were born for this job. There is no big secret: everything depends on your CV. If you create a perfect CV, you will work wherever you want, as every employer would like to have such kind of specialist as you.

But what you should do to create an impressive CV? In this article you can find some tips which will definitely help you when you are composing a perfect CV for your dream job.

Define the Goal

You must have an aim. Ask yourself why you want to work there, in what way you will help that company or organization. State what you really expect from this job.

You must be original. Create an extraordinary aim as usual formulations will not leave a lasting impression. When you have decided on your goal, write a CV according to it. Namely, state that you really know why you will be suitable for this job. Believe that without a goal your CV is going to look poor and employers will not accept your job request.

The main point here is to define your own needs and look for an appropriate formulation. That is why you need to be ready to brainstorming and go through dozens of variants.

Keep an Eye On Grammar

This tip is the key to success. The thing is that you write your CV for professionals, who have perfect higher education. Work on your grammar skills. It is not a good idea to write some words which you are unsure of.

Use simple phrases, avoid words with negative meaning. A grammatically correct CV is another step towards success. If you are not strong in grammar, ask for help. Your parents and friends are definitely ready to give you a helping hand.

Try for the Interview

You see, if you write about your abilities and advantages, employers will read the text without feeling anything. That is why you must create a CV in order to be invited for an interview.

There you can tell a lot about yourself and prove that you are the person they are looking for. So, that interview is very important in getting the job. Do not go into details when writing your CV, as you can tell more during the interview. Write short and understandable sentences. Be clear in your words. Your task is to spark curiosity. The boss has to be eager to communicate with you. Use the interview to get acquainted with the employer.

More Verbs

When an HR manager reads sentences which begin with a verb, they get convinced of your professionalism; they see, that you are ready to work hard. So, by using more verbs, you will be more likely to get this job. Verbs also make a CV easier for understanding, and this kind of CV is more exciting read than other ones, which gives you a chance to start doing the job of your dream.

First Seconds Rule

Everybody knows that nobody reads the whole CV if it is formulated not correctly. As the rule says, your CV has 30 seconds to impress the employer. So, you must build it in an appropriate way.

Contribute more time to writing, rewrite your CV a thousand times if necessary, but create a perfect paper. It is a challenging task, but the result is worth this exhausting work. Let every new paragraph begin with an interesting phrase. Make the employer eager to read the whole CV. Here are some other ways to write it well enough to impress.

Work Experience

As it was said, the way to the dream job is not as easy as in movies or fairy-tales. It is quite challenging to get a well-paid prestigious workplace. Only after having other jobs, which gave you experience, you can create a really worthy CV.

It can be some part-time job you do during your study at university. Write honestly, employers do not have time for lie. They need a specialist who will complete their tasks professionally and on time.

Neat Appearance

Job Interview

Every official document has a template. Following it is a very strict requirement. This means there are some obligatory rules you have to take into consideration. If your CV is not formatted well, does not have any official structure or else, you can forget about this job.

You see, professionals are working for years in this sphere and see dozens of CVs every day. They will definitely notice a mistake and will not be eager to keep on reading. Employers also search for needed key words only, so try to follow the structure.

A CV has to be easy to perceive. Skip some exciting parts if necessary; write introductory sentences using the words which will perfectly match the entire message of the paragraph.

Additional tip: do not invent a story using difficult-to-read adjectives. You must show that you are a serious, clear and purposeful person. If you want to play with word combinations, it is better to start writing a novel, but not the CV.


People in ancient Sparta always said: “Brevity is a sister of talent”. That is a golden rule not only for a successful CV, but for well-delivered speeches, as it leads to impeccable reputation. Nobody likes to listen to senseless speeches for hours.

The same goes with CV. Be specific. Highlight the main achievements and necessary skills for this job. As it was mentioned, leave big sentences and formulations for novels.

Additional tip #2: before writing a CV, read the main requirements for employees. Nobody will hire a person without appropriate skills. They are looking for a member of their team by specific criteria. Do not neglect this valuable information.


Now, when you know all these tips, you can start thinking about creating a CV. Use these pieces of advice, think of every detail of the CV and get ready for a long way of ups and downs. Think about refusals as life lessons and a kind of motivation, but not as the end of your career before it has even started.

We hope that this article was a source of inspiration for you. Be confident in every step and that everything will be brilliant.

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