Wisdom and Fun Rolled into One

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How many times have you heard from your parents or friends the recommendations like “read this or that book, you could learn a lot from it”? And how many times have you actually adopted high-minded values? Sometimes you do achieve important lessons or just see the mistakes main characters do and memorize them in order not to repeat this unpleasant experience in your future life. Similar pieces of advice you could get about TV-serials. Well, why not? Today’s world is fast-moving, and many useful things can be taught through the Internet (sort of controversial statement, but still everything depends on an approach and a person, of course.) So, where am I going to with such bravado? In many cases, you can’t digest some vital information from books, because you are not ready mentally or the book you were given/recommended to read just doesn’t fit your personality, but here’s the deal: understanding the very same crucial lessons is much easier with an entertaining form of presentation. This is the moment where Asian dramas come into play.

Residents of Asia, like Chinese, Japanese or Korean people, would not be themselves without wise guidance and thoughtful ideas about life in all forms possible. Logically, every kind of the occupation they opt for somehow will be connected with trying to receive the experience from the past generations. Would it be the knowledge how to make miso soup taste mouth-watering or how to become a great green thumb is another question.

Touches the Heart

The scenarists of Asian dramas do their best to show their country and culture in an outstanding way, not forgetting to fulfill replicas of the characters with sincere and faithful phrases. This is how every watcher whether you are an adult or a teenager can learn (!) something essential, something very plain and understandable, but hey, isn’t it what the proverb says: Genius lies in simplicity?

Here are some examples for you to get the main idea:

  • Hard work will be rewarded; the main thing is to believe in yourself. (from the Japanese drama “Hana Kimi” 2007)
  • Do not be afraid of the dark, because somewhere behind it there is always a sunlight (from the Korean drama “City Hunter”)
  • The chess pieces protect the king, but they are unlikely to be the object of his love. (from the Chinese drama “Boss & Me”)

<ALT> Chess Board

…As you see, dramas can be the source of philosophy; they are able to make you ponder about the things you never could. It is only you who decide whether it is worth or not opening your soul to this sincere world of innocence, pure thoughts and kind humor.

Many people today have their motto, even if it is “Hakuna Matata,” who would say that you act childishly? It is charming! Moreover, it sounds rational, because it’s the problem-free philosophy. So, it is possible that while watching Asian dramas, you will find something that works for you, that is very close to your mood or/and spirit.

Okay, now let’s be more down-to-Earth. Otherwise, you would blame this article for too much pathos.

Passion for the Serials

Above all things, Asian dramas are being produced for FUN. TV-serials should entertain, create an alternative reality, give enjoyment, distract from melancholic thoughts and so on. Although, this is only one case scenario.

<ALT> Typical Fan of TV-Serials

It’s impossible to enumerate all the reasons why we love to watch different shows and movies because it’s all about who we are and what we seek from the film stories. In addition, all of us have a different world-view. Even though, try to hear one persistent voice here: Asian dramas are able to charm, they certainly treasure its magic.

Yes, these movies are the material for spiritual growth, but this is an opportunity to spend nice time too.

No “Special Effects”

There is no need to make a pitch for the Asian dramas, listing off “cool” adjectives – you won’t believe it anyway. So, why don’t you try to find the right word for the works of film-industry of Southern Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand or Philippines?

Just look at it, aren’t they sweet:

  • Why Cupids don’t have the magic? No arrows, no wings, they can’t even conjure a small flower. And what for do you need the supernatural powers, if love itself is magic? (from the Thai movie “My name is love”)
  • Physical training is a basis of love. (from the Japanese drama “Ikemen Paradise”, 2007)

Who would argue with the last one? Both boys and girls adore hot-looking partners, so keeping the good shape is a smart recipe for the love too.

Find that special ingredient in Asian dramas yourself and make sure that these serials are the source of intelligent and playful philosophy.


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