What to Do in Fall: Some Nice Ideas and Tips to Bring Them to Life

Girl and Fall

Romantics would say that when fall comes, time slows and the nature is gradually falling asleep. However, that all isn’t about you. Your “fun” has just begun and it’s going to gather momentum relentlessly until your Christmas holidays. The new schedule, home assignments and tests plus, maybe, the new season at your sports club or music school will fill most of the time you have between the hours you treat yourself with sleep. You may even know for sure what exactly you’re going to do every workday of this week and every workweek of this month. Let’s see:

  1. classes in the morning;
  2. a basketball, swimming, piano, painting club (underline whatever applicable) after classes;
  3. homework in the evening.

Nevertheless, your study is only one part, though, of course, a very significant one, of that absolutely new period of your life which starts every fall. The other part is, probably, your hobby or something you do regularly after classes. Anyway, it’s definitely great if you have something of such kind. Your family and friends or those people you communicate with more often than with somebody else can be assumed by default. Whatever the season is, they are one more integral part of your life. Finally, you have yourself.

What does the last mean? You see, the thing is that each of us has his or her own little world, which belongs only to them and nobody else. Your classes and hobbies, as well as your nearest and dearest, are all outside this world of your own. That’s why you may almost neglect it if you don’t take it into account while planning your time. However, there will certainly be one chilly and rainy fall evening when you will have absolutely no wish to do any of those things you are so used to do every day. Don’t think it means that you will feel like doing nothing. It means that you will need something different and captivating to bring some fresh air into your own world.

Main Features Something Really out of Your Routine Must Have

Colorful Pencils

Here are a few distinctive characteristics of what is really worth switching to in case you don’t want to do anything. So it must be

  • something beyond sports and even regular hobbies, definitely;
  • something more than Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TV, more than definitely;
  • something really creative;
  • something you can do without the Internet, surprisingly;
  • something to help you catch the brightest sides of life and people around you;
  • something complex, including many different aspects and things, or involving other people if you don’t mind them;
  • something that will take you more than one lonely evening to finish, so that you would be captivated by and busy with it for a long time;
  • something that will help you discover new sides of your personality and things about the world outside your window or at least above the screen of your mobile phone.

Let’s Move from Theory to Practice

Remember that it’s not necessary for the leisure activity you’ll choose to possess all features mentioned above. Furthermore, you are likely to reveal them only after you start doing it or after you get the final result. Just note that they characterize those things which are really nice to do if your being is longing for something new this fall.

Idea #1 Make a Summer Album

It will be a wonderful thing to take into your hands on a cool windy day and turn the pages pervaded with summer warmth and sunshine. Look through your summer photos and choose those which evoke the brightest and the most positive memories. Print and glue them into your newly bought album. By the way, buying something new and beautiful will definitely cheer you up. Add some small and light souvenirs, tickets, leaflets and so on. For each photo, write a short funny phrase, and don’t forget to mention the place and people.

Idea #2 Write a Summer Diary

Write down your memories about the summer. They may be both happy and sad, bright and gloom, but they are only yours and if you don’t want, no one will ever know about them. By the way, writing is considered an effective relaxing technique. It doesn’t matter to paper what you write on it. So both “Traveler’s Memories” and “My Awful Summer” have the right to exist.

Idea #3 Use Books as a Base for Your Creativity

Books and a Rainy Day

A world in a book is a good place to escape from the reality you don’t like. Besides, the images you “see” when you read may stay in your memory for a long time. Why not make them visual? Make your own cartoon or short film basing on the story you’ve read. You can go even further and develop the narrative yourself or choose your favorite character and create his or her own story. Let your fantasy rule.

Idea #4 Plan Your Winter Holidays

There will never be a right time to plan holidays ahead. So do it while you don’t know what else you can do. There shouldn’t be something like a trip to Lapland and visit Santa, though the idea is obviously good. Probably, a new movie you want to watch is going to be released in winter? Include it into your list.

Idea #5 Involve Your Friends

Make up some interesting and funny tasks or challenges you will have to complete until December. Even some nonsense like finding fifty pickups of purple color in three fall months will work. The one of you who will count more pickups than others wins and gets a prize. Don’t forget about the rules to prevent cheating.

P.S. Each of these things may grow into something much bigger than a short amateur movie or memories notes. Great deeds start with a small step made one rainy fall day.

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