How to Succeed in Everything?

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This question is painful for everyone, as all of us are busy. There is a difference between a busy adult and a child, but the problem remains the same. The pace of life becomes faster and faster, as not only years seem to speed up the life of a person, but each week, and even days are flying by so fast!

We know that we cannot complete all tasks we have. That is probably one of the most important problems in our world. Everybody wants to relax and does not want to think about the gossips in the workplace, unfinished projects, the dinner they have to cook, the clothes they have to wear, and so on.

But the reality is that we have to plan our day in a correct way, namely to make it all and have time to eat, sleep and focus on the things we love. To manage this, you have to look through your daily routine and change your attitude to it. Be ready for changes, as they are inevitable.

In this article you will read some tips which will make your life a bit easier and teach you how to live the 24 hours of your day to the fullest.


As kids, many people used to have a diary. In this diary everyone wrote about the day that passed, about the emotions and the expectations for the future. So why not return to this tradition, but in a slightly different way?

Create a planner. Make a list of tasks which have to be done tomorrow. Just sit down in a comfortable chair in the evening and think about the approaching day. Recall everything you want to do but always postpone for a better day. Write it down on a piece of paper, and then choose what is the most important.

Put numbers in the order you are going to complete your tasks. Set priorities. Every task differs by its importance. Try to see the difference between daily routine tasks and optional ones. For example, set the task to buy groceries after the one to fill the car or before preparing the dinner.

Avoid Hurrying

There is a funny and wise German proverb: “Nothing should be done in a hurry except catching fleas”. The point is that you will not do anything faster if you are hurrying, it will only take your health away. You cannot think soberly when you are in a hurry.

So, stop and think about the necessity of that haste. Then think about what you have to do next. Free your time from additional small cases, concentrate on big ones. That way your life will be a lot easier.

It is also a good idea to put the clock on your smartphone a few minutes forward. For example, set 1.30 p.m. instead of 1.20 p.m. You will probably forget about this in a week. That way you will always be everywhere on time and you will not have reasons to hurry.

Besides, do not appoint a meeting for a specific hour. Set it between 12.10 p.m. and 12.20 p.m. You will have the option not to hurry, so you will stay punctual.

Here are some other ways to stop hurrying.

Forget Your Laziness

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When everything is ready and you are about to start working, do not get distracted by the news on the Internet, social networks, drinking coffee with colleagues, drawing stars on a sheet of paper and so on. These are the signs of laziness.

Be resistant to them. Repeat to yourself that you will drink this cup of coffee or surf the Internet after you complete the tasks. Try not to think about how tired you are or how much work you have to do. Perceive everything you do as your hobby.

Even if you cannot stand writing reports or looking for the information, try to be enthusiastic. That way you will finish your work earlier and have some spare time.

But do not waste this precious time, spend it with use. Remember the tasks that you have been delaying for months, begin to learn a foreign language or  do some physical exercises to keep your body fit. Time is precious and it is not for small things which will not give you satisfaction.

Sleep Well

People often neglect bedtime, believing that they will do more than they can.

But the truth is that everybody needs to sleep well. If you sleep for 5 hours each night, the next day you certainly feel exhausted and indifferent to everything around you. But if you sleep for at least 7 hours, you will be full of energy and desire to work. So, do not complete your tasks at night. Put them off to the next day.

When you feel good from the early morning, you will finish everything in one day and have enough spare time for self-development.

Additional tip: eat well. Even if you are close to being late, eat something. Food is like gasoline for cars, so you will not be able to work appropriately without it. Always try to have a snack with you or a lunch-box prepared in advance.

When you feel uneasy and have a headache, the problem may lie in hunger. But do not overeat, as it causes overweighting which influences your well-being. By the way, have a bottle of clean water with you. It is proved that water can boost your productivity, so drink a lot and you will feel better. That way you will do the tasks faster, leaving some time for relaxation.

Do Not Overwork

Every completed task is a little victory. After every victory reward yourself. Sit for 5 minutes and do not think about anything, or phone your mother or friend. If you cannot sit in one place, do some squats or jump for a while. Physical activity will charge you for the next tasks.

Do not try to complete 2 or 3 tasks at a time. It is a pity, but our brain cannot think about a few different things simultaneously. Keep the pace of work by doing small breaks.


Now, when you know all these facts, do not be disappointed because of the lack of time. Follow these tips and make everything you need to do (even if you planned it a month ago).

Hope, this article was a useful source of inspiration and motivation for you. Remember that we must use time as a tool, not as a crutch. So do not waste it, go and do something that you have long desired to do, or just something pleasant for you and others.

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