Study Irritation Factors: Don’t Let Them Rule Your Life

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Studying is actually a complex process which includes a lot of aspects of a student’s life. If this process is organized in a proper way, it aims not only to teach you English, literature, math, physics or whatever you have in your schedule. Studying is also about communication, self-assertion and self-realization.

However, such complexity requires you to be capable of handling a lot of different challenges you face regularly if you want to succeed. To put it simpler, imagine yourself playing a computer game when your hero is being attacked from different sides by monsters with different superpowers. Even if you know perfectly well how to fight them separately, you will find yourself in a real trouble when facing them all at once. Now, think about what you would feel, if you were playing that game. Here is the approximate sequence of your probable emotions.

  1. Your surprise is mixed with fright. Their ratio depends.
  2. Healthy self-confidence takes its effect. You are sure you are going to reduce them all to dust.
  3. Irritation overwhelms you as you realize you can’t beat all the monsters. You start losing control of the situation.
  4. Desperation wins. You lose.

Have you noticed when the situation starts to change in quite an undesirable direction? You’re right: it’s irritation, stage 3. So if you eliminate at least some of the irritating factors, you won’t be struck by desperation (see stage 4). Consequently, you are more likely to win.

The thing is that study is also something of the same kind. You are surrounded by plenty of things and people you have to deal with. Besides your home assignments and the activities you probably do after your classes, there are your relationships with your teachers and group mates. You also can’t help taking your family and your friends from another school or college into account. To get the whole picture, your plans and goals won’t fail to appeal to you from the depth of your mind, especially if something prevents you from bringing them to life.

That’s when you may realize that something isn’t how it should be or how it used to be. You can’t explain it but you feel somewhat uncomfortable or even anxious. Moreover, your nearest and dearest also started to notice it. So let’s make out what’s going on.

A Few Simple Words About Irritation

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There is probably no need to quote smart textbooks on psychology here. We all know this feeling though it can be really difficult to express it in words. What could we say about irritation?

  • It is natural and human, but it’s not good either for you or for people around you.
  • When you are irritated, you can’t concentrate on what you do.
  • As a result, you can’t control your actions and words.
  • Very often we can’t identify the exact reason of our irritation. There just appear to be more and more things or people we can’t stand.
  • Also, it can be mixed with other negative emotions, such as fear, nervousness, anger or despair.

What Can Irritation Lead to?

You know that when you get really irritated, you don’t want to eat anything and you hardly can sleep at night. However, there are also some other very essential things.

  • The more irritated you are, the more difficult it is to get support and consolation from other people. By the way, the research, conducted by British Mental Health Organization in 2008, uncovered that 58% of its participants wouldn’t know where to seek help in case they needed help to deal with their irritation.
  • Your personal negative emotions have a direct impact on your reality.
  • Irritation tends to deprive you of your ability to control your life.
  • It means that you allow circumstances and people to influence you as they like.

What Things Can Irritate You and Why They Will Do It

Usually, when you get irritated, you have a problem which lies much deeper than you can see. For example, you may feel angry not because you don’t know how to do a task, but because you don’t have or don’t give yourself enough time to sit and make it out. You don’t have this time, because there is a pile of other home assignments waiting for you. Something familiar, isn’t it? Let’s name the main irritation factors you may face, reveal their real origins and determine the best strategy to fight them.

Loads of Homework

We have already decided that mostly the problem is your lack of time, but not the complication of the task. However, it’s only you who can decide what you spend your time on, unless something really unexpected happens. So you should learn how to manage your time in the most effective way.

Solution: Take Control over Your Everyday Schedule

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Write down what home assignments you must do and when you must hand them in to your teachers. You can group them according to the day of the week or how difficult they are. Have at least an approximate plan for every day. Teach yourself to find time for people and things which are really worth it. By the way, it would be good if you also set a time limit for your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Your Grades

Even if you don’t dream to be the best student in the world, still your grades do make you worry sometimes. Think carefully. Is it because your parents want you to be a perfect student? Or is it because your group mates seem smarter than you? Is there something you don’t like about your teacher?

Solution: Remember that You Learn for Yourself

Ask your teachers or your good friends to help you with this or that subject. Use the Internet to search for something really interesting. When you finally realize how much you can take from your study for yourself and not for your family or teachers, you will see that the quality of your knowledge will increase and also will its estimation.

Your Group Mates

You can’t fit everybody’s preferences, that’s for sure. However, your group mates are the people you have to cope with almost every day, so your relationships with them certainly worry you. Listen to yourself. Are you jealous of somebody? Or might anybody be jealous of you? Is everything alright with the way you treat people? Are you satisfied with the way they treat you?

Solution: Work on Yourself

Of course, you can go to another group or another school. However, you should analyze your own behavior and attitude towards others. Ask people you trust to help you. Spend more time with those you love and respect in order to find out what you like in them and what they like in you. Develop these very features of your personality and try to find them in other people.

Your Own Plans and Desires

Sometimes you know what you want but have absolutely no idea how to achieve it. Indeed, the first is always the most painful. However, you should care about the reasons of the pain, not the pain itself.

Solution: Stay Motivated

What will you get after you achieve your goal? Why is it so important to you? What could you do next? Then write it down in your notebook and think what you need to bring it to life and what you can do for it. Start with small but real steps. Don’t leave it all for tomorrow.

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