Students’ Issue: Buying vs Writing

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Today the huge variety of British essay writers are available and this is a big temptation for college students. Sure, none of them has a desire to spend hours writing a boring paper. However, not everyone is aware of specialties of such services, pluses and minuses of their usage and danger one may face while cooperating with one of these companies. So, many students continue to do their homework without somebody’s support. Both methods have benefits and, for young ones’ convenience, their positive features are compared in this article.

Why Is It Better To Buy Paper?

The majority of paper writing services’ clients are college students and that is an understandable thing. They decide to pay for essays because of various reasons. However, there is one common feature: one, who ordered at least one paper, will never turn back to writing that much again. It proves the benefits which custom essay services offer. Below is the list of reasons to buy a paper instead of writing it.

Save Time

Buying paper takes only several minutes, you have to fill info about the order into the application form. Writing it by your own usually takes several hours as you need to think about main ideas, write them down and then make several revisions. This time may be spent for more vital things as communication with friends or family members, part-time job or working on more interesting subjects. Moreover, sometimes these hours are necessary for student’s well-being and staying healthy.

Good Marks

Not every student is able to write a really good essay without mistakes and inaccuracies. However, the majority wants to have excellent grades for papers. The solution is buying text made by the qualified writer. Such essays are usually much better, as they include strong arguments, logical construction and strictly follow teacher’s requirements. So there is no wonder that bought papers have better marks.

Reduce Stress Level

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It is true that coming deadlines or complicated subjects for the paper are the reasons of stress and panic for many students. Most of them can’t deal with it and even start to take tranquilizing pills. What’s more, stress becomes the cause of acne, insomnia and chronic tiredness. Keep in mind that college essay is not worth your health, it is better to buy it and forget about such problem for many years.

Reasons to Write Essay by Yourself

Despite buying professionally made papers has lots of advantages, many students still prefer to write them by their own. Why? It is hard to say definitely, because many reasons for it exist. Below are the major ones of them.

It Is Cheaper

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It is true that buying essays for every college subject may be quite expensive and not every student can afford it. Hundreds of dollars may be wasted per one month. Prices which some paper writing companies have are really high. Writing paper by yourself will definitely economize your money and you will get an opportunity to waste it on more significant things.

Getting Knowledge

Keep in mind that you are in college not for partying from morning till night or working as a waiter in local café. Your main goal is getting professional skills and knowledge in order to have a well-paid job in the future. To write a paper one needs to observe many information sources, develop own ideas and put them down clearly. While buying an essay, all these steps are done by pro author and you will have a lack of attainments on exam, for example.

Interesting Tasks

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It is not necessary that the subject of your paper is boring even if it seems to be so. Discover the theme deeper and you will be amazed how interesting it is. Moreover, you will have a chance to work with archives or specific information sources, make own researches and so on. The secret of writing really good paper is being interested in the topic of it. You will not realize how fast time passes while writing about something involving.

Danger of Getting Caught

You should realize that even if your paper has poor quality but you did it by your own, a teacher will estimate it, at least for your efforts. However, in the case when a paper was bought, professor can discover it and perceive this fact as cheating. It leads to bad marks and loss of reputation of the honest student. Keep in mind that if you were never good at writing and once bring a perfect paper, teacher will not believe that it was made by you.

Not So Difficult

Sure, writing an original essay demands efforts and time, however, it is usually not as complicated as you may think at first. There are lots of tutorials and books about creating the perfect paper. For instance, “Why I Write” by George Orwell may not only give some advices but encourage you for writing as well. Remember, that it is not necessary to be an author of bestsellers to make a college essay. Requirements for such papers are not difficult as a rule.

To sum up, both variants have pros and cons. What to choose depends on student’s skills and temper. It is hard to argue that creating essay by your own gives a chance for developing skills and knowledge. However, not everyone is able to do this kind of work really good. Sure, it is possible to develop writing skills but it demands lots of efforts, so the majority orders papers on special custom essay services to cancel bad marks, stress and other negative issues.

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