Dealing with Stress at College

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If you feel like you need to take a break from college, pack a suitcase and slam the door behind you, you may have reached the point of stress overload. Some people do not know when it is time to relax, and would rather produce essay after essay without caring for themselves, but this is not right. Everybody needs to relax, and college is a tough time that will require a break every now and then. Guilt and shame is not something you should be feeling about taking an afternoon off or postponing some homework. This article will help you identify the signs that you may be overworking and then cope with the mental overload in a few simple and effective ways.

Reasons for Stress

Some students rush through college studies and never stop to take a look at their life and evaluate their situation truthfully. You probably have a couple of friends who always say that they are fine, even when you can clearly see they are too tired and need to relax. Here are a few things that could make you stressful even though you may be not aware of it.

Exams and Essays

One essay or one exam can be quite easy to deal with. However, you need to remember that when too much of it accumulates and you need to accomplish the impossible in just a couple of days, that could lead to serious problems.

The best advice would be to plan in advance and start doing your homework as early as possible. However, it never works with students who just want to enjoy their youth without burying their noses in books. If you feel like there are too many tasks and you are running out of time, you could always ask our team of writers to help you with some essay writing! Your mental health is valuable and should be always your first priority.


Students Together

College is not designed to be devoid of human interaction. You are bound to meet people, and often your success depends on how well you are able to interact with them. This does not mean making them pleased with you at any cost, but rather compromising on issues and getting the most out of relationships.

Whether it is with your roommates in the dorm, or with study groups, or in personal relationships, you are expected to act maturely and provide harmony and effectiveness with your cooperation skills. This could be extremely difficult and is not something you can learn in a college course. Most people struggle with being heard or listening to others. Interpersonal communication is another huge reason for stress.

Missing Home

The comfort of your old home in your old town can seem like paradise compared to the overworked college days you are living through now. Who does not want to eat some of their mom’s most delicious treats or take a walk with the family pet? Sometimes overwhelming loneliness can get on your nerves.

Tight Work Schedule

Juggling college and homework and a part-time job can be hard even for a professional juggler. Part-time jobs seem to be more important because they provide benefits right here and now, as everyone needs some extra money to make the ends meet. At the same time, you should keep in mind that college will bring you benefits in the future. So do not over-pack your work schedule, so that you cannot squeeze college tasks into it and get overwhelmed with stress.

Ways to Deal

Here are some practical ways to deal with the above-mentioned stress. For further information take a look at this.

Take a Mental Health Day

Slam on those breaks. Decide that today you are not going to deal with anything and just stay in bed. Take a bubble bath. Read a book you have been postponing. Call your friends who you have not called for a long time. It is quite enjoyable to press pause on the world and take your time, isn’t it? However, you should remember that if you want to take more than one mental health day in a month, you probably need to seek some help outside.

Divide the Big Problem into Small Tasks

Sometimes we just cannot start doing all things we need to do because there seems to be an avalanche of problems. However, if you divide those big problems into smaller ones and then approach each one consequently, it will be easier to deal with the whole mess.

For example, if you need to clean the house, write an essay, prepare for an exam and call a friend on the same day, write it down and see what you need to do first, how will you do it and so on. What will the cleaning involve? What should you revise for your exam? Once you know all steps that you need to take, it will be easier to accomplish all your tasks for the day.

Ask for Help

There is nothing wrong in asking for help. A lot of people are too shy or self-conscious to talk about their negative emotions. Thus, these emotions accumulate inside a person’s mind and make them suffer. If you cannot seek professional help, it always helps just to talk about your feelings. Look for a trusted friend, or a relative, or even a professor. You may even just talk it out to your cat or make a video of yourself. You will find help if you open up your mind to examine the problem.

Play Sports

Park Jogging

If you do not do any kind of physical activity, stress can be the result of too intensive cognitive functioning. There should always be pauses for physical activity. If you are not in shape for fitness or running, just take a walk through the park and get some fresh air. You will instantly feel better. Consider a sport you liked as a child, or a sport that you have always wanted to try. It will take your mind off the problems you are facing and give you a physical boost to continue with your day.

Learn to Let It Go

Some things just cannot be perfect, no matter how hard you try. If you have always been an excellent student, you might find it extremely stressful to receive a lower grade than you expected. You will try to squeeze as much learning as you can, damaging your heath at the same time. In such cases you just need to learn to let it all go. Consider your priorities first. Do your best and remember to relax.

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