How to Stop Playing Computer Games Non-Stop

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It is a normal situation when an adult is looking forward to the end of the working day in order to play something on their computer. What’s more, they can neglect their working duties and play games in the workplace. But there is no door without a keyhole.

This article will tell you some tips which will definitely help you get rid of a computer addiction. So, if you feel like wasting time in front of the screen, check out a useful article for you.

Realize the Problem

Nobody can convince you to stop playing computer games but you. Sooner or later you will definitely click on the icon of your favorite computer game. So, you need to find motivation. A half way to solving a problem is to realize it.

Write Everything Down

Remember your usual day. Write down everything you do during the day. Write how many hours you spend at each point. Pay attention to how many hours you waste playing computer games.

Then think what you could do during this period of time. Maybe, there are some things you want to do but for which you always have no time. Or maybe you simply do not realize that you are wasting your precious time which will never come back. Think about these words, make own conclusions and take actions.

Additional Tip #1

If you’re sitting in front of the screen with a desire to play a game, check the time your start and end playing. With every time you are going to play a computer game, try to save the previous time, namely, spend fewer hours playing games.

First that can be a minute, than it would be 10 minutes. If you have a strong desire to stop playing computer games, reduce your usual playing time to 1 hour. It is not as easy as it sounds. You really must be willing to change something in your life.

Ask for Help

If you are not sure that you can stop playing on time, ask somebody to remind you. That can be a friend or parent. They will definitely help you, because they want you to have a normal day.

There is one more important point. If somebody reminds you that your playing time is over, turn off your computer immediately. Of course, if you can save the game, do it. But in case it is an online game or a game you cannot stop playing, remember about your motivation and switch off the screen.

If you still have such kind of a problem, download a special program with a timer for your computer. It will turn off the computer when needed. Yes, that can be a bit stressful, but that is worth it. Later you will be grateful for that.

Additional Tip #2

If you still cannot stop playing games, ask somebody to hide the electronic device or set the password on your computer. Ask them to keep you away from it for some hours. Day after day you will be staying without your favorite “activity” longer and longer.

Treat It Like a Reward

That is a really useful tip for those who are eager to do a lot in one day. For example, when you have a day-off, make a plan of it. Do some chores and play a game for a while, finish the home task and feel free to sit in front of the screen and click on the icon with your favorite game.

That way you will do everything you wanted to do and have some time to play a game. Moreover, every new day you will complete more tasks, because if you wait for playing games, you will do everything faster and better as your reward depends on the quality of job or housework done.

That method will also make you a well-disciplined person. Sooner or later you will give up playing computer games, as you will see the possibilities you have when you are busy with something else.

Additional Tip #3

If you decided to spend the whole day in front of the screen, do this. But remember that you use hours from other days, namely, you will not play games as long as you planned on other days.


Hopefully, this article was a source of motivation for you. Now, when you know all tips which will help you to stop playing computer games, find the desire to improve your life and take actions. Be confident in every move and remember that the result is where the desire is. Or, as the proverb goes: where there is a will, there is a way.


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