Rules of Reading

Reading Advice

Have you ever sat thinking about how to read books in the right way? Our essay writing service authors made a short tip-list for those who want to get real knowledge from any book read. Here are the main reading rules for anyone.

1. Rule of 10%

Spend 10% of your income to buy books. While being a young student working freelance, you won’t be able to buy more than a couple books every time. Years will pass rapidly, and if you keep to that rule, you’ll notice that the number of books you can buy had grown significantly. That means you bought and read them not in vain.

Always devote 10% of your income on buying books. This is the best use of this money. You don’t need to spend more or less, just 10%.

2. Read with a Notebook

This rule can also be called “read smartly”. The book is not necessary to be read twice. Just “squeeze” all the ideas from it in a maximally detailed way, using your notebook. Write down every interesting and useful idea gained from the book, note every link to other books, note quotes which inspire you. If there is no notebook beside you, or if you can’t use it comfortably, put marks on page sides with a pencil.

As a result, you’ll have a short summary of every book you’ve read so far in your notebook. You can look through your notes later, that gives lots of inspiration and additional energy.

And what is the most important, such reading could allow you to dive deep into the book.

3. Create Your Personal Top

If to combine two previous points, we get the third one: it is useful to keep a list of interesting books in your notebook. Note titles of books you’d like to buy in the future. Be sure to mix and rework it from time to time, as your professional and personal interests could change.

4. An Hour of Reading

Read for an hour every day. Or for two hours. Well, it doesn’t really matter how long you read (though it is better to spend an hour for reading every day). Just do that regularly, create a rule: “No day without a book”.

It is difficult to devote an hour for reading every day, especially if you’re a busy person. In that case, you can divide this hour onto short periods during the day (example: 3 times for 20 minutes). One thing though: do not read before going to bed. Your tired brain won’t accept the amount of new information. It could think the book to be a sleeping pill, too. That’s sad.

5. Mix Styles Up

It’s boring to read books of the same genre all the time. Even if you’re a great fan of motivational books, it is useful to change styles periodically. Science fiction. Then motivational. Then something on business and finances. Then a detective. Then history.

By the way, reading fiction is useful and interesting, too.

6. Don’t Hold the Books

Read and shelf then? But why? Once you start reading right, you understand the book to be an injector of ideas for an intellectually addicted freak.

Exchange books with your friends and colleagues. First, this is a cool way to save money. Second, you help your friends to learn something new and to develop their personality. These will be your and their positive memories in the future.

7. Electronics is Cool

Electronic Reading

Whatever people say, a paper book is gradually turning into something like a vinyl record plate: the accessory of real fans. Reading with an electronic book is simpler, more comfortable and a lot cheaper. For those who really like to read, the e-book gadget will return its price in two months or something. And it is impossible to count the number of trees you might save like that.

Here are quite easy rules and laws of reading. Once you start reading, it’s impossible to stop ever.  That’s what we know exactly. And one more thing: every successful person has books read in time on the shelves in their rooms.


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