Pack Your Suitcase for College


The clock is ticking. The summer is ending. And you are bound to leave for college soon. Have you already thought about the list of items to bring with you and how to pack them?

A lot of students often dread leaving for college. It is not surprising, as you will leave all your old life behind, and what the future holds is unknown and scary. That is why they postpone the final stage of getting ready until the last days, and get overwhelming stress when they need to frantically decide what to bring on their college-bound trip.

We have compiled some exclusive secrets that will give you a helping hand when you decide whether or not you need some items in college. Hopefully it will make you pack your suitcase quicker than ever!

What to Bring

Let us first concentrate on the essential items that everyone should have. First of all, contemplate about the things that you need. It is not so difficult. Simply ask yourself what are the items that you cannot live without. You may even compile a list not to forget anything crucial.

Smart Wardrobe

Some people cannot live without their immense wardrobe. Fifteen kinds of scarfs and a collection of sequined gloves may be important for you, but you need to think about saving the space first. Think about some comfortable clothes that suit to every situation and make you look self-confident and smart.

A smart wardrobe contains just twenty items with trousers, skirts, shirts, blouses and hoodies among them, to say nothing of accessories. Also, do not forget the shoes. You do not need to pack a lot, just make sure that those few items that you have selected can match as many other ones as possible, and you will not have trouble with dressing up in the morning. Here are some tips on how to organize your wardrobe once you get to your college room.

Emergency Medicine

It is smart to always have some emergency medicine with you at all times. Especially if you are taking some allergy pills or other medicine on a regular basis, you may need to have a supply with you. Colleges have infirmaries and pharmacies for all emergencies, but it is better to be prepared beforehand and know how to access to help if needed.


Do not pack it in your suitcase, as it can be easily lost on your way. Keep your credit cards and cash in a secure place and double check to have enough of money for emergencies with you. If a mistake with luggage occurs or you stress so much that you forget to take a much-needed thing, as long as you have financial support, you will be able to procure it at any time.

What Not To Bring

The biggest mistake is getting too many useless items. A lot of graduates over-pack, as they are afraid of what the future holds and think they should be prepared for everything, just in case. But still, we have a list of stuff that you can survive without.

All Your Wardrobe

A lot of first-year students start to panic whenever they think about the wardrobe, the footwear and various accessories that they will need in their new life at college. It is not a secret that clothes can become your armor which defends you from some bad situations. It can make you look braver or more sophisticated. Still, you do not have to take your whole wardrobe with you. Just as we have mentioned in the first paragraph, you should only bring a few interchangeable items that make you look casual and smart. No need to overdress to impress, just be yourself!

Heavy Books

 Pile of Books

You might also pack one or two copies of your favorite paperbacks. However, keep in mind that college is always an institution where the library is multiple times bigger than the one you have at home! There are thousands of books, and you can come and be a bookworm anytime you want. Even if you know that your gigantic encyclopedia is going to be missed, there is no need to hire a truck to bring all of its tomes with you.


Yes, there may be twenty framed pictures of your dog Spot back home, but you do not have to pack them all. Some people are afraid to leave their old life behind. They will start to take with them parts of this life to prove that they are truly going to miss the people back home. The truth is, plastering all of your wall with pictures of your family to let them know that you miss them is not going to make you miss them less. It is enough to think of them sometimes and call them whenever you get the chance.

School Supplies

Going on a shopping spree to look for school supplies can be addictive and soothing. But you will not need a lot of them in college. Focus on the things that can be really useful and buy a few. Or you can even postpone this until you are actually on campus. You will get free supplies with your university’s logo and be able to buy the rest on campus, so there is no need to run around overpacking beforehand.

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