Organize Your Workspace to Boost Work Efficiency

Organized Desk

If every time you need to write an original essay the quest for a clean sheet of paper and a usable pen in the mess of your desk becomes the hardest part of the task, it is time for you to think about cleaning and organizing.

There might be piles of papers from your school orientation days that you need no longer. There might be other things that you would rather get rid of. It is better to do it regularly rather than getting a whole bag of garbage once a month. So, in order to get better grades, let us get to the cleaning and organizing part!

Why Organize It?

It is true that nowadays most students write their essays on laptops, so you might think that this article is irrelevant. However, it is a widely-known fact that organizing your desk and cleaning the whole flat helps boost your productivity. It is much easier to work in a clean and fresh atmosphere.

Clear Your Mind

Contemporary design reflects people’s needs. If you look at modern offices and coffee shops, they all tend to be minimalistic. If you have ever wondered why, this is because people right now are really susceptible to stress. Hanging paintings on walls, putting flowers and sculptures, weird lamps or sophisticated furniture is only going to clutter the space and create confusion and unnecessary distractions.

The same goes for your desk. The more cluttered it is, the less space you have for concentration and productivity. By cleaning your workspace, you will create an effective work flow.

Get Rid of Rubbish

Garbage Bins

This is an obvious point. You should get rid of the rubbish and make your life easier. However, a lot of people do not know that there are some things that they actually do not need, and those things could be considered rubbish as well. For example, you may have thought that a nice pencil case or a poster on the wall would help your room become homier, but if you have five pencil cases and the whole room plastered in posters, they will add to the mess. Consider carefully the things that you do not need.

Consider Your Roommate

Whether you live alone or with your roommate, other people are bound to come into your room. By cleaning up regularly you are prepared for unexpected guests. People will appreciate your clean room. It is always embarrassing when you cannot invite someone in just because you forgot to wash your dishes or cups.

If you share space with your roommate, such a problem could become a more obvious burden and lead to conflicts. Remember that you share this space and are both responsible for keeping it clean and organized.

It Will Save Time in the Long Run

Cleaning one cup after you have drunk your tea is better than cleaning five cups that have already gone moldy once a month. Making that minimum effort once a day will help you. Especially considering that usually you need your desk to be pristine at the most inappropriate time. For example, when your mom decides to come to see you at the end of finals week.

How to Do It?

Just like we have mentioned, it is better to keep your desk organized at all times. After you have finished your homework, clean it all up and leave it nice and prepared to use for the next day. However, if you have just discovered this problem, here are some tips on how to clean a big mess in the most efficient way. Here is some further reading on the topic.

Unused Books

Piles of Books

You may have a few library books that you no longer need. Or books that you borrowed from a friend and never read. Or books that you have already read and want to send back home. You may have a whole shelf of books that you need to get rid of, so do it now! Those books that you are sure you will not need again, you can send to a friend or sell to juniors.

Supplies That Do Not Work

For some reason we are fond of keeping used pens and broken pencils, bad scissors and finished glue. Get rid of those supplies right now! Especially pens that do not work. You might be in a hurry for an exam and will take the first pen you see. However, it might just be the one that has no ink, and you will be stuck in an embarrassing situation when you need to bother all your classmates to borrow a pen.

Cups of Coffee

Maybe you have seen a cool life hack video that teaches you how to make a time machine out of all your Starbucks cups. Or maybe you are just an avid collector. Or you have them for sentimental reasons, collecting each in memory of a great date. However, you do not need them at all, and as soon as you realize their uselessness, you have to get rid of them.

Papers and Notebooks

Put all of your notebooks and papers in one pile, and while you are doing that, organize them according to your needs. You might have some notebooks that you no longer use or papers that can be recycled. If you need some information, you could always take a picture of it and get access to it from your device, whenever you need it. Do not hesitate to get rid of them all! It will help you in the long run.


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