Misleading Guide on What Should Be Remembered While Writing a Paper

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Have you ever caught yourself on a thought that students stress too much when it comes to papers? Or, what is even more likely, have you ever thought that teachers should enjoy their life instead of setting strange limitations and giving guidelines on how the paper has to be written? Not only you are not a single person to have this idea in their head: you are absolutely right! Everyone knows how boring it is to follow all the instructions and comments, they just do not feel like showing that they know it. Moreover, they will be relieved seeing that there is a student who understands how irrelevant such limitations are. No one will care if you omit a few steps on writing.

Who Cares About Your Topic?

Most likely, the teacher has assigned you a boring and serious topic with a subject you have no inspiration to write about. The resolution of the situation is simple – do not write on the set topic! Of course, your teacher understands, how the inner artist suffers from the limitations and how you want to be out of the box. Therefore, feel free to adjust the topic a bit or change it in accordance with your likings. Any prof will be proud to have such an extravagant student in their class.

No Paragraphs

Probably, you have already though about all the unneeded efforts of making the paper flow logically and in accordance with the requirements. Who has come up with the idea that the essay should consist of paragraphs and that each of them has to start and finish in a special way? This vision is outdated. Everyone knows that paragraphs are only to make the paper look longer than it actually is and waste another precious tree on printing your essay out.

No Thesis Statement

You know what, if your reader needs you to give explanations of what the paper is about, this is not the reader you need. Keep in mind, that your writing is devoted to those who understand and accept it the way it is, without any thesis statements that are going to kill the intrigue and make the reader feel bored. Of course, if your teacher does not understand something, you can explain it, feeling like a great philosopher, but until then there is no need to include any thesis statements into your paper.

Giving a Speech

No Formatting

The time you need to spend to find out how to format the papers properly is nothing but a waste. Nobody is interested in such things in the grown-up world, except for teachers. Of course, it is just another way to try to distract you from the things that really matter, but since you know this you do not need to do this anymore. If your teacher asks you why the APA guidelines are not followed, you can simply say that you had some more important things to do. We all are humans, of course, your teacher will understand you and will not get crossed.

No Research

Honestly, if they doubt you know the subject well, they can find a better way to challenge it than let you search the information online or read some materials already given. It is not about the facts that other people have discovered, of course. If your teacher wants you to complete the paper, that means they want to read only your opinions. No extra info is needed. What if you do not know what the paper should be about and was actually considering looking up some more info? There is still absolutely no need to do this. You are talented enough to come up with your own theories and speak about the subject without knowing any data. Your teacher will love the creative approach and will probably want to speak more about it after the class during a nice conversation.

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No References

Okay, here you are: did not manage to go the interesting way and took the easy road of researching. To be honest, it is a lot of work you have done while seeking for the information, therefore, there is no need to bother yourself with some additional troubles like references and correctly formatted quotes. If the reader does not know whom the quote belongs to or where the idea is coming from, they can simply google it. Who knows, maybe it will bring them somewhere with a lot of fascinating personalities to read about. It is only altruism you were thinking of, of course, and nobody has a right to blame you for not referencing something. Moreover, if it is a well-known saying the reader wants to know the author of, you can laugh that someone less educated than you wants to teach you how to write papers.


Hopefully, you understood that a misleading guide teaches you nothing but how the papers should not be treated. All the guidelines that you find meaningless are actually created to organize the students and make the process of reading and grading the papers easier for a teacher. If you take some time to remember the basic format details, following the instructions will get much easier, and can even help you while writing. How? Here is how:


Format makes the paper look neat, well-organized and carefully written. The first thing the teacher sees is the way the paper looks like, not the content, and a positive first impression has always helped to get better results.


There is the worst nightmare of any student called Plagiarism. They say, it is a monster that follows the students who do not know how to reference the quotes properly and eats their good marks for dinner.


Any research is a guiding light that helps you know exactly what happened, how it happened and what was the reaction on it. Research can even help you out when you need to compose a piece on the novel you have never read, but let it be our little secret.

Thesis Statement

Basically, your thesis statement is what is going to keep you on track while writing the paper. When you feel you are losing the right way, it will be enough to call for help (meaning read your thesis statement once again) to be back on track, knowing that you are only adding the supporting evidence and nothing extra.

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