Being a Leader

Strong Person

Being a leader nowadays is not just “good”. Being a leader in our times is prestigious. Who is that? What features do you need to develop to become one? Let’s take a look at the main leadership qualities.

Leader’s feelings, thoughts and actions are all agreed. Such person thinks – speaks – acts: everything is a part of a balanced system. Leaders have their daily rituals, which allow them to support completeness and harmony of their being.
Leader can answer any question about their life and events in it without thinking for too long. Why did something happen that way? Why do I need this? What exactly to do? These and other questions don’t scare leaders, as they always have strategy, or generate one thanks to their knowledge. Leaders constantly learn something new. Speed-reading skill to read of up to 5 books a day is a normal and really understandable thing in the modern world.

Leaders concentrate their attention on both small details and global things; they can create strategies, step-by-step algorithms to make their dreams come true. They can see the details and the whole picture as well.

Leaders don’t have fears. Their inner mode is “I can!” The only fear of most leaders can be expressed in the following way: “If I don’t do that, I won’t be able to see people I love, I won’t be able to give them happiness, feeling of pleasure and satisfaction. I won’t be able to do anything for people around, for this world”. They use sensorial channels of perception: vision, hearing, smell, tactile feeling (kinesthetics). They develop their intuition as one of the most effective ways to interact with the world.

Leaders notice signs and tips in the space surrounding them, because they love the world and flow in it. Their perception organs work to their limits, being turned on all the time. Leaders know their strengths and weaknesses, their preferences and abilities, they work on developing their talents. Leaders don’t have standard rules, they possess creative thinking. So, these guys create their own rules, finding a perfect balance between the combinations of regular learning and practical experience. They can make decisions basing on conscious values, feelings of perception, and intuition. One of the main values for leaders is to create themselves first, and then – the world they live in.

Leaders have strong stamina and the ability to make decisions. They constantly widen the circle of their influence, by transferring their ideas via all possible information sources (friends, colleagues, media, Internet). Leaders have strong communication skills.

Leader’s Values

Leader is Human

The main conscious value for the leader is Human – the unique item of the harmonious space. These people are open to the outer world, they always say “Yes” to new possibilities and they’re ready to try again even if they failed. They are always ready to risk, that’s one of their characteristic features. The opposite side of this feature is tolerance & loyalty, as others believe. Leaders agree their aspirations with the wishes of people around them, they can negotiate and hear the needs of their environment.

Leaders keep their bodies in shape, control their working conditions. They use the body to achieve their mission in life, they treat it as a temple where their soul is.

Leaders can control energy and find its additional sources. They are able to absorb the “negative” experience and emotions of others, transform this energy and use it when reaching their goals. They set limits for themselves and people around as the way to get additional motivation, to influence a wider space and to create something brand-new.

Leaders like to work, because they love their job and can get pleasure from both the process and results of their hard work. They know difficulties are normal, natural in the process of creation. These freaks work at 100% and rest at 100%. The effective relaxation techniques are a part of a leader’s tensed everyday life. Leaders possess the quenchless will to live, they constantly develop their personality both materially and mentally.

Leadership qualities are something everyone can learn. And use. If you are not a leader “genetically”, then you might teach yourself how to become one.



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