How to Write Movie Reviews

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Ability to write film reviews is useful not only for college tasks; you may leave your expression about a movie on special websites or even get a job of the professional cinematic expert. Pretty good perspectives are opened thanks to such skill. Moreover, it may be an exciting activity for one, who wants to discover more interesting facts about the certain piece of art. Sure, it seems to be an easy task but it is actually not. A certain type of knowledge and skills are needed to create a perfect movie review.

Preparation for Work

Unlikely many types of writing, movie review demands specific preparation if you want to make it perfect. To make this process easier for you, we collected the needed points in one article. Just read the information given below and use it for your film review. You may read some other writings about certain film with an eye to getting aware of the correct structure (however, it is standard, as a rule: introduction, main body and conclusion).

Watch Attentively

The main thing you should do before starting to write is watching the movie several times as the first expression may be blurred. Pay attention to all details and the general picture at the same time. If you want to make a review really valuable and full, everything has to be taken into consideration. It is a great idea to write down some notes during watching with an eye to remembering all things which attracted your attention.

Get the Info

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The second step is getting some main information about the process of making a movie. As a rule, there are some “behind the scene” videos made by the staff. You can learn a lot of interesting facts from these materials and put them down in your review. Collect the main statements about the movie: the location, year of release, genre. Without this, it is impossible to make a good review. It is also important to reach some info about the director of the film: the amusing points in biography, the filmography, attainments and awards and so on. Secondly, you have to pay attention to the actors’ cast: reasons why certain actor got the role, who were other candidates etc.

The Process of Writing

After you’ve collected all necessary information about the film, it is time to start writing. However, if you just put down naked facts, the reviewing will definitely fail. There are several steps which should be done to make it amusing and attractive for readers. It is a right time to use your writing talent. In case you don’t have one, we compiled the most useful tips for you below. So what is needed to make a review perfect?

Powerful Thesis

Don’t make your writing blurred or too general. The reader wants to know your opinion, so put it in the first paragraph of the review. Just decide if you like the film or not. Stay clear on this issue, don’t call the movie, which you didn’t appreciate, the favorite one only because the majority finds that it is great. Create a strong thesis at the start to set the pace for the whole writing. You may also use the ten-point scale to estimate the film.


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Versatility in film reviewing means concentrating not only on the main plot but on other significant things as well. Music, atmosphere, acting, videography matter a lot. Without analyzing these points your work will not be completed. Pay attention to the main composer of the film and write down several words about the soundtrack: if it helped to create an atmosphere or if it was boring for you. Estimate the acting level and its persuasiveness. Work of cameraman should be evaluated as well, often people forget about this feature, but it plays a great role. Don’t focus only on the main story, sometimes it is not a forte of the movie, but good actors, for example, may save the situation.

Use Examples

Don’t forget to support your opinion with examples from the film. You may describe a certain scene in order to make your arguments stronger and persuasive. It is possible to make a citation of characters’ speech as well. Show that you orientate in a certain movie and can operate the facts and scenes from it.

Show Your Individuality

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Despite the main task is making a clear analysis of movie, you shouldn’t act banally and make it a typical college essay. Stay original and add something unique to your writing. How? Every person has own style of writing papers; don’t be shy to use yours in film reviewing. However, keep in mind that your text has to maximally clear for readers, so avoid slang or rare acronyms.

Final Step

After you’ve finished your review, there is still some work to do. Editing is a significant step in making your writing perfect. Read it several times: remove some things you don’t like, add new info and fix inaccuracies. Then check a review for grammatical mistakes or ask specialists for it. It is also vital to verify names of actors and other film stuff for errors. That may be an unpleasant failure if you discover that director’s name was written incorrectly only after publishing of your review.

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