How to Write an Essay: Elaborate Meaningful Pieces of Advice

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Science and art are such spheres where you strive to prove your significance with the help of persistent work, by moving ahead with confidence, stumbling and halting for a while in the process. Being an inseparable part of science, education may also bring some momentary hesitations about worthiness of writing a school paper or any types of essays by yourself. While you are contemplating about this, let us discuss every small step you have to take in order to write a good essay.

Significant Ingredients of a Successful Essay

This tricky phrase is probably going to produce a lot of different opinions. However, it is high time we agreed over some universal qualities each essay is expected to obtain.

Large-Scale Expectations

The uniqueness of style appears to be inappropriate in some cases, so it is far more valuable just to switch your novelty inspiration in other endeavors. Writing an essay is not one of them. Following general instructions sometimes requires making tremendous efforts, however, they are crucial not to miss out the whole point. Here are some of them in a random order. It is up to you to accept them and choose wisely while writing an essay.

Meaningful Guidance Steps for You to Memorize

All human beings try not to fall into the bandwagon trap, but you would better keep in mind some simple instructions:

  • Do not include any derivations from the given topic;
  • Do not tolerate plagiarisms (worship uniqueness of thoughts!);
  • If you want to use any in-text citations or quotations, try to use only credible sources of information;
  • Any paper should have all essential parts, such as an introduction paragraph, main body and a conclusion paragraph.

Ways of Writing Not an Opaque Essay

Let us take a more precise look at what structure an essay should have.

Introduction Paragraph

It is obligatory and do not even try to find excuses for avoiding it. It has to consist of three to four sentences and should make up the maximum of 15 per cent of the whole essay length.

A Hook

Preferably, it should maintain a hook. Calm down, we are not getting ready for a fishing trip, we are simply dwelling on the topic of writing an essay. The hook is a special sentence which grabs the reader’s attention and keeps them intrigued till the conclusion paragraph. Do not worry, we are going to discuss this paragraph later as well.

Thesis Statement

The so-called thesis statement stands for the last mandatory sentence of your first paragraph. In other words, it is a small conclusion of your position which will be buttressed up by facts and statements in the main body of the essay.

Main Body

This part of the essay, which is named as “Main”, makes up to 75-80 per cent of the overall essay length. Each point of view discussed in this part should start with a topic sentence and contain supporting details and further exploration of your ideas. Give relevant examples, basing on your own knowledge and experience. Separate paragraphs represent different ideas, so it is no wonder that each of them should also have a concluding sentence which would serve as a link to the leading idea of the next paragraph.

Conclusion Paragraph

Rehash your main opinion which is given in the introductory part. Sum up all your findings and discussions from the entire essay, state your conclusions. Try to make your conclusions sound logical and coherent. Begin this part with such phrases as “in conclusion”, “in the final analysis” etc. Make sure you sound confident while expressing yourself. Take a note that this part should make up to 10 per cent of the overall essay length.

Writing Environment

Sometimes it takes time to generate a topic which would match your current mood or get inspiration for further involvement.

The Biggest Disappointment of All Writers

It is always very painful to disappoint people and to get disappointed by others, but you have to know: there is no such thing as an ideal piece of writing, there is no one-size-fits-all guidance for writing an essay. However, you can get up-to-date information about writing different kinds of essays over here.

Small Steps Lead to Big Steps

OK, so your final objective is very precise: to write an ideal essay. This objective has to be divided into several accurate steps. Which ones? So that you could climb this “ladder”, rise up the consequent essay steps.

Getting Access to the Internet

The Internet is a perfect place for finding valid sources of essential information. So has it already become one of your biggest friends and are you enlightened enough for using it wisely?

Make the Writing Process More Authentic

Create a suitable atmosphere for writing an essay. Take a morning or an evening walk (it depends on whether you are used to nocturnal or diurnal style of life), make a cup of coffee or tea (this depends on which hemisphere of our planet you are living and beverage religion you are practicing, or it may simply depend on what is left in your kitchen after a visit of unexpected guests).

Cups Standing on a Map

Readers Equal to Critics

Along with the ability to write essays comes another ability – to estimate them. Every person is a critic of his or her piece of writing, no matter what kind of education they have or at which stage of professional development they are. We all make judgments from time to time. So be prepared not only to judge but also to be judged by others. Stop taking everything too personally and be opened to rational and reasonable critical opinions.

The Toughest Critic Is You

The arduous process of writing an essay should become a good chance of improving your own judgmental skills. Become the main critic of your own writings. Real learning of writing an essay is a hard work and might not always be as delightful as the sea of smiling faces, so take responsibility for your own learning and keep a positive attitude towards various appraisements. Constantly broaden your reading and writing horizons: the state of upheaval is crucial.

Your own satisfaction from writing an essay has to be a priority for you. Write tastefully and taste every word you write. To sum up (you are still keeping in mind the conclusion phrases, don’t you?), Bon Appetit!








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