How to Beat Stress and Begin to Live

It is normal for everybody to worry. Everyone always fears to make a mistake or to make a wrong first impression on a person. One often has stress when he or she has been working for hours without any break. Even a little change can influence the mood not in a good way.

You see that there are quite a lot of situations which make us worry, cry, even overeat. It happens to everybody at least once a month but it has been proven that every new day has at least one stressful and confusing situation.

Unhappy Face

People try to improve all these things but often in a wrong way. They smoke to relax, drink alcohol which does not give satisfaction but does big harm, or take drugs to reduce stress. However, there are some excellent methods which will definitely improve your mood and can be useful not only in stressful situations, but for everyday relaxation.

In this article you will read some tips on how to beat stress.

Breathe Deeply

When your work is really exhausting and you feel that you are closer and closer to stress, stop for a while. Begin to breathe deeply and try to control your breathing. You see, breathing slowly helps to reduce your thoughts’ speed. That way you will enrich yourself with oxygen.

It is necessary, especially in case you are working hard. The majority of people begin to breathe faster when they start worrying. This method is an integral part of yoga workout. Real professionals teach to inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. This type of breathing will give you some calmness and delight. Also, this exercise does not take much time: only 1 or 2 minutes and you will be ready to work.

Strain Then Relax

Rise up the eyebrows and open your mouth really widely. Be sure all face muscles are strained. Then relax. This will help you to relieve stress from your face which is strained all the time you are working hard. This exercise is both simple and effective.

The next step: strain your body. Raise your shoulders, strain your legs and neck, clench the fists. Then relax. It is perfect if you are lying down, while doing all these points. After that you will feel comfortable and eager to complete all given tasks.


Extreme Workout

The next tip will help you calm down after an argue or being under psychological pressure. Go out of your house, working or study place. Try to run as fast as you can. Get rid of all unpleasant things which interfere your steady living.

Run away from the problems. It is a good chance to cast your aggression out of the life. After that, try to walk quietly for a while. It will be great if you have a player and headphones with you. It is proved that listening to your favorite music can help you look deeply into your inner world and solve some conflicts with the inner demons. In case you follow this method, you will need less time to renew from the stress situations.


It is one of the best tricks to solve the problem immediately without any stress. When you write down the question, you can easily see the answer even in the written text. It is a brilliant tip for people who like to think a lot before falling asleep.

You can also note your thoughts and set the time you are going to look through these notes. It can be an hour after work or some time the next day. But remember that it works more effectively if you write for 30 minutes in the morning than for 2 hours in the evening without solving anything. That way you will not waste your precious time on thinking about several things at once.

Let It Go

There are some moments in the life of every person when the result of the work or action is obvious. These situations can be fatal for the reputation, business, or well-being. Yes, it is harmful but this is called the evil joke of fate.

You need to understand that not everything can be as brilliant as you want it to be. Be ready for every possible outgoing of the situation. Be able to let it go, do not hold something that can do a real harm not only to your health but to your life in general.

Think of several ways of solving the problem. That will help you control almost everything you are doing. This skill can be useful for all strange and confusing life situations.

Feeling Good

Eat Healthy Food

This tip is important not only for people in stressful situations but for those who want to get rid of redundant kilos. You know, fast food, sweets and dishes full of calories have nothing useful for our brains and organisms. These can only be tasty, but remember that you feel the taste in the mouth only for some seconds, while your body and brains have to turn it into a source of energy.

As for organic food, it is our primary component of nutrition. We can eat only processed meals, but sooner or later our body will ask us to give it normal food. Moreover, fruit and vegetables have enough energy to make us work intensively for 3-4 hours. It does not take much effort to buy a kilo of apples or bananas and be always full of energy and vitamins. Healthy food also makes people feel happier and be more productive.

Additional Tip

Do not neglect drinking water. The matter is that 70% of brains consist of water. That is why everybody should drink a lot, even if it is difficult or unusual. Take care of your body, drink enough water.

Sleep Well

Even if you have to finish your report or homework, go to bed. As it has been said above, you would complete the task in the morning better than in the evening. Sleep in a comfortable bed or, if you do not have one, in a sofa. Be sure that nothing will disturb you.

To be in a good mood, you have to sleep for at least 8 hours. Believe it is better than being aggressive and sleepy all the following day.


Now, when you know all these facts, it is logical to start fighting with stress and begin to live a normal life. Hopefully, this article was a source of inspiration for you. Remember that life is too short to worry. Always keep calm and carry on working or studying.


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