Art of Haggling

This topic may seem a bit weird, because not everybody likes haggling. A lot of people think that bargaining is only for the poor and greedy. However, haggling is a solution for a smart part of the world, too, because this part does not want to be deceived and is eager to save money for more necessary purchases. In this article you will find some reasons why you have to haggle sometimes and tips on how to haggle correctly and successfully.

Counting Money

Saving Budget

Wise people say, ‘No such thing as too much money’. Everything changes but the problem of money is eternal for everybody, even for the richest person in your town. Shops and prestigious boutiques always set a very high price for the prettiest shirt or kitchen appliance, which cost 50-70% less in reality.

So you can boldly point on this thing and indicate your lower price on it. Firstly, sales consultants will be confused and shocked but after 10-20 minutes they will be forced to sell this expensive thing for a song. Of course, there is no guarantee that everything will go this way, but it is very likely to happen.

Do Not Feel Ashamed

Never be shy to bargain. Try to do it not only at the market, but in a shop or even auto salon. Owners will cash in more on other customers, pointing bigger prices. These people will be deceived, but you will not. Show-offs are inappropriate in shops, so put your pride aside for other life situations, but remember: haggle only when you want to buy this thing, do not waste consultants’ and your time. It is not rational and does not worth your efforts, so think before asking for a discount.

Be Pleasant

Try to be an interesting and understanding person. Speak politely with a seller, make a compliment about their clothes or hairstyle. Make a consultant believe that you consider him or her to be a professional. With this tip you are more likely to get a good discount.

However, do not forget that this kind of conversation is not an easy task; it is a challenging, sometimes a long action. Be ready for that. Be convinced that if you are strong and confident in every said word, you are close to the goal, as people like these character treats.

Smiling to a Consultant

If you decided to haggle in a deceptive way, try to find a defect on the thing that you are going to buy. You will definitely have a discount. This trick works better in a shop with expensive stuff, as owners and assistants do not want to damage their valuable reputation.

Scroll Scam

You can take a risk and say about prices you saw at another shop even if you did not actually. You have to state that you know the real price of this stuff, that you have up-to-date information. At last, print a lucrative price list. You can change some numbers if you want. When you begin to bluff, keep doing it till the end.

How Does One Do It?

Remember about your confident face! Define the sum you are ready to pay. Yes, the seller will be indignant, but the preference is on your side. If you find it impossible to convince a service worker, call the owner or the main body of this shop. As a rule, there is a bigger chance to get a discount, as an authoritative person has more power and is able to please a customer.

Additional Tip

If you have bought things with the help of the same person several times, try to do something useful and pleasant for them. Present a certificate for purchasing a book or fir a day in a beauty salon. Do this and ask everything you want and need, but do not forget that this machination refers to your assistant and you only. Do not speak loudly.

Additional Tip #2

Play with emotions. Come to the salon and give a low price for the car, for example. This price should not to be much lower than the one on the price tag. An assistant will be a bit angry, so the next step is to increase the price a bit. After that show that you are sorry to take the worker’s time and that the price on the price tag is fair, but you do not have enough money and cannot buy the car of your dream. When assistant gets embarrassed, they will definitely play by your rules.

Be Ready to Leave

If shop assistant does not want to accept your conditions, go away. A seller will probably try to stop you, but be ready for everything. Go and do not think about this situation. After this happens, consultants will be more loyal the next time in case they remember you.

Closed Sign

It is predictable that an assistant can check if you really need this object. Do not be in a hurry when you leave, go slowly and breathe deeply. They will see that you are disappointed and are not going to come to this shop again. So, they will be forced to make a discount because you are still a customer. And a customer is always a customer. Everybody knows that if there is no client, there is no salary for workers. So, use this position for own profit.

Do Not Hurry to Relax

Even when a seller offers you a discount, try to always remind them about it. You see, sellers can change their mind or try to escape the need to apply the discount offered. Talk about every detail of purchasing with a discount. If it is something that should be transported from one place to another, be sure that it will not cost more than a standard price for this service. That is why you have to be careful and strict.

Now What?

When the machination is done, the purchase is in your hands, do not exit the building right away. An assistant is on your side. It is high time to think about future purchasing in this warehouse or boutique. Talk about the guaranteed discount, made specially for you. If you buy boots, negotiate about the special offer on sneakers. Give your percent on buying something and do not forget to have this written down, as a consultant may not remember about you or the previous conversation.


Now, when you know the subtleties of haggling, do not be shy to practice. You will be pleasantly surprised how much money you have saved thanks to the art of haggling. It is not difficult to ask for a personal offer, so why not try this.

Hopefully, this article was useful for you. Do not neglect the other ideas which will teach you how to save money nowadays.

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