Essay Example on Relationship Between a Gift and Your Happiness

Bijouterie Necklace

Think about an answer to a very simple question which might put you on the spot or at least make you think about it for a while. It is a good question to think of while considering a topic for your school paper, is it not? True value and price tags do not always come together, but some seem to forget about it every now and then.


The questions is: would you be happy to receive a bijouterie necklace from your beloved as a gift? Not talking about a silver one, moreover, not taking into a consideration a gold one.


So, let us imagine you wearing a bijouterie necklace. Do you feel uncomfortable, awkward, worried, terrified? Apparently, the significance of such present as well as a high level of your happiness might not be understandable for some of your friends. Instead of constant reminiscing about unpleasant comments of your friends, let us get closer to the issue itself and take a look at it from different angles.


To what extent does our happiness depend on the value, or to be more exact, the price of the gift? Can the cost of a present define a level of your happiness? If yes, then why? If no, then why?


How would you call those people who think of the high price as the most important ingredient of the present? How do you usually respond to such questions? Or do you ever respond to these kinds of comments on the gifts? How important is it to you and how happy are you with all the things that you have right now?


Here comes the moment when you catch yourself wearing a simple not-silver, and, what is more, not-gold necklace, having left aside all your silver and gold jewelry in the boxes. However, to you it seems to be the most valuable thing on the Earth, and, indeed, it is! Then, as it usually happens among happy people, you start boasting about the gift of your chosen one and (to your greatest surprise) your showing off doesn’t meet “the gift expectations” of your friend.


You get so bewildered by such a simple question of your friend (“Is this necklace made of gold or at least silver?”) that you are not able to find an answer which would be as simple as a question itself to satisfy your friend.


In the world where everybody tries to impress others with the number of glittering accessories and sparkling eyes (unfortunately, not from happiness, but from glittering jewels), fashionable shoes and trendy bags, the standards have been removed and a new standard of the modern world could be described by the rule “less is more”.


Without doubt, there are those who hold a different opinion on this. Such people are still living according to the past principles, not being able to cure themselves from so-called “disease of more” (more fame, more endorsements, more attention etc.). That is why sometimes it is so hard to prove the real value of a trivial bijouterie necklace.


Still, some of you can still find pleasure in small things and are not obsessed by the market values of the presents, which were given to you with all sincerity.

If you find out that your brain has recently been in a constant struggle of consumerism baby thoughts, try to defeat them with the help of love: love to those who care about you and whom you care about not because of the savings in banks and amounts of money they have.


There is something bigger and deeper waiting for you to be discovered. That is called love. It is not so easy to cross and break the borders and standards created in your head by the society you live in or just by your own fears and prejudices. Stop for a while to feel it and celebrate it, but also have patience if it doesn’t happen the very next moment.


Can we really expect people around us, even our closest friends, to understand what is going on in our heads? Every person has their own small Universe. If the word “universe” sounds too pompous, you have an exceptional right to call it “a House” or any other noun, which seems both euphonious and meaningful to you. So each Universe, House or any other pleasing-your-ear-noun is functioning in its own well-organized way with its distinctive features and unique regulations. What happens when you get outside of your own Universe?


Different Planets of the Universe


Despite the fact that each Universe can exist by itself, it usually needs an access to the outside Galaxy. However, in most cases, a small Universe neglects the rules of other Universes and might be accused of having despised the regulations of an unfamiliar Universe (e.g. regulations of treasuring cheap presents, principles of neglecting material benefits). Not only should we be concerned about the safety and inviolability of our own Universes, but also care about the Universes we interact with in our everyday life.


There is magic inside each of us, moreover, we are able to transmit it to others and felicitate people around us. All we need to do is to cherish and admire all the things which our life offers us every single day. Remember that there is a boundless Universe inside and around you. You are able to create your own rules here and to live a happy life regardless of external circumstances and alien standards of happiness. Choose happiness right now and do not wait until the right moment when you get more money, more fame or more happiness.

In other words, do not fall into the “more” trap.

Remember that “more” is not always equal to “better”. Be sure or at least try to notice that you are already happy and be grateful for that. Cherish all small things and one day you will feel something big and infinite inside of you. That will be love. It will erase alienation, estrangement or incompatibility that you might have fought before. You will no longer have an impression of “not fitting in” and will not be afraid of calling a bijouterie necklace the most wonderful present you have ever received in your life.

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