Problems of Learning a Foreign Language and How to Fight Them

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Making a decision to start learning a foreign language may be easy. However, when it actually comes to learning a new language, it is not always a smooth process, especially when you have a pretty good vocabulary but do not dare open your mouth and start speaking. Everybody is aware of the problems we might face while learning a foreign language, so now it is high time we gained an idea of how to deal with some of them.

Why Is It a Complicated Process?

The process of learning a foreign language can take years of conscious efforts to give good results.  It is definitely not the process when you can see pink fluffy unicorns dancing on the rainbow. Well, unless you put too much effort into learning.

There will be lots of temptations you might succumb to while learning. As humans, we are wired for various temptations, they are an inevitable facet of our beings. That is why it is crucially important to remember your own aspirations and objectives and not to let the temptation outweigh them. In particular, speaking must be included into your priorities, even though you might already consider yourself to be a brilliant essay writer.

Moving From a Motive to an Objective

What is your own personal motive to start learning a foreign language? Whatever it may be, be sure to keep it in your head and constantly remind yourself about it. Set a minimum goal and then attempt to fulfill it in a fixed period of time (a week, a month, a year etc.).

Where to Start?

Do not be afraid to speak. First, start speaking to yourself in your mind, while you are goofing around your room and desperately trying to beat procrastination. Your brain is a relentless machine which never ceases to work, so no wonder sometimes a desire to talk can emerge in a not very suitable place, so… what happens next? You just start speaking to yourself wherever you are and push away the inner voice, which might be warning you that you are being a sorry sight for others.

The Deception Which Prevents Us from Self-Improvement

We are burdened with this obsessive idea that the world is evolving around us, but it is the greatest deception we ever happen to create and keep in our minds. Nobody cares about it but you. So, if you have this desire to learn a foreign language, it should be everywhere inside of you and you should not be afraid to share this desire with others.

Actually, you can simply share it with the world. Remember that you do not even need to be surrounded by people in order not to feel lonely. The magic happens inside of us. So just start speaking to yourself and do not be afraid of various failures and obstacles. We have to practice staying strong instead.

Failure Can Not Be Separated from Success

Always hope you can succeed, but if you fail in something, do not be afraid of it. It happens to you as well as to others and it is a normal part of our lives. The only right thing to do is just to accept your failure and move on. As a matter of fact, a lot of people function below their actual potential because they are simply afraid of failure or just because they believe they cannot do it.

Cut a Negative Circle and Stop Rumination

You have to cut an emotional negative circle before it begins to close up around you. Stop rumination which takes place in your head after failure. Reliving the failure and concentrating on it can be of no use for you. Moreover, it can bring only harm to your health and the health of your nearest and dearest. This activity will cost you dearly, as it is very time-consuming, not to say soul-corroding.

Circle of Thoughts

Enjoy the Road and Be Brave Enough to Accept Your Own Failures

On the contrary, your dialogue with your inner self should be going in the following way: ‘Ok, bro, you know, I failed this time, but it was because I didn’t prepare thoroughly for the exam (or whatever), let’s accept it. Next time I will try harder.’

Appreciate the knowledge which comes together with failure, and enjoy the road of improvement. In most cases the way to success, which consists of rises and falls, is far more valuable than success itself.

The Ways of Dealing with Anxiety of Speaking a Foreign Language

Your level of mastering a foreign language can be seen from different angles: for example, word resource, grammar, pronunciation. Without doubt, it may seem quite difficult to get rid of non-vulnerable but sometimes obnoxious accent which was directly programmed inside of you together with your mother tongue. However, there are other aspects you’d better put more effort in order to impress native speakers or judges during some speech contest. Just in case, you know, life is very unpredictable.

Mastering a Lexical Resource

The fear of choosing a correct word and using it at the correct moment is the biggest emotional struggle non-native speakers can ever have in their lives. This struggle is often referred to as «Low Frequency VS High Frequency Words». Using the words which are easy to reproduce (e.g. «I like») is a common practice of our everyday lives, however, it is better to substitute such words with their «low frequency» equivalents in more official situations.

Overcoming an Emotional Uncertainty

There is no need to panic when sentences start falling into pieces; try to be positive and confident. Link your emotions to your words, remember about a warming-up period, which will help you to “switch the track”. Try to expand your sentences and use starters (‘Well, in general I would say that…’, ‘The first thing I should mention is that…’) in order to cover pauses during your speech. Besides, let a body language be your friend (use eye contact, smile etc.). Ultimately, your emotional state will determine your success.

The World Everybody Would Be Happy to Live In

Can you imagine a world where everybody practiced physiological hygiene? Where everybody felt happier and more empowered and not that afraid of every failure they face in their lives? That is the world we can all live in and love. Hope, one day you can become a master of your thoughts and, of course, of a new language which will open this unknown alluring world to you.



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