For School: Effective Guidelines on Writing Assignments

Students in School Yard

Before we move further to the main subject of this post, I would like you to answer one question. You do need to write anything down or to speak out loud. Just answer it to your own self. So, why do you not like the things you do not like? Or, to put simply: why can you dislike some particular things? What makes them so unattractive or, maybe, even unbearable to you? I agree, the questions may seem truly strange, but still try to come up with some ideas.

So, here are some of my suggestions:

  • you do not understand such things;
  • there is something about their appearance, taste, smell (underline what applicable or provide your option) that does not correlate with your ideas about beauty, deliciousness and so on;
  • it is not a thing itself that you do not like but something or someone you associate with it; for example, you may not like a song of a really popular music band just because it played when you were quarreling with your best friend, or something like that;
  • you simply are not interested in this thing.

Have I guessed some of your thoughts? I hope I have.

Now try to think about what you could say about your school, with all its classes, and home assignments, and teachers, and so on. Still, you should remain unbiased and avoid considering all teachers as cruel and heartless people just because there is only one teacher of such kind at your school.

Alright, let us see what we have here:

  • there are too many home assignments;
  • sometimes you are not provided with any explanation of how to do them;
  • essays make you just mad as you do not know where you can get so much inspiration and time from;
  • et cetera.

I think there is no need to continue because the list can turn out to be literally endless. What we are going to do now is to work out effective strategies which will help you to manage your time for all your school writing assignments and to be sure that you are doing well or even better.

See the Core of Your Problem

It means that first of all you need to understand what you need these strategies for. They will not be as helpful as you want them to be unless you realize all difficulties you face when writing your school essays or doing some creative projects. So:

  1. you should understand the topic which your writing assignment is based on; however, if you can choose your own topic for your school essay, for example, then make sure if it suits the general idea of your task (if you hesitate, you can consult your teacher);
  2. although it may be difficult to accept, but still you should know that there are no senseless or useless subjects, in your school either, – there are teachers who cannot teach their subjects in a proper way for some reasons; so, you can search for clearer explanations and more interesting info in the Net or just ask your parents, other teachers or friends to help you (for a better result, follow both ideas);
  3. last but not least, remember that there are a few very important factors of your good mood, productivity and inspiration: good rest and sleep (note that both of them matter) as well as healthy diet; only one day free of your home assignments, part-time job and school drama club can be enough to recover, so try to find it for your tired self and spend it as you want (and yes, you should better go out with your friends than just chatting to them in Twitter or whatever all day long).

3 Main Types of School Writing Assignments

So, let us make out the features of 3 main and, probably, most complex writing assignments you can face at school. Do not panic! You will know how to manage them all.


These are quite short pieces of writing which are actually very versatile in schools as they can be assigned in almost any subject. The main purpose of essay writing is to present your personal opinion on some issue in a 5-paragraph text. The first paragraph should introduce your topic. Each the other three paragraphs usually contains one argument or just one idea on the issue discussed. And the last paragraph should conclude all the ideas mentioned above.

Research Papers

Yes, to complete this school paper successfully, you should carry out your own research on the topic you choose. Your task may be either to search for some good information about the issue and provide a summary of what you manage to find. Also, you can approach the task creatively, if it is needed, and present not only the printed text of your research, but also something hand-made. Still, it depends on your topic and subject.

Term Papers

Actually, they can be considered research papers. But usually term papers should have more pages, and students hand them in to their teachers in the end of the school term. Creativity is less required, however, and you should focus more on the research itself.