For College: How to Write Your Every College Paper

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So, you are a college student now. Do you see some differences between your past school life and the life you live today? Is there anything that has altered so much that you still find yourself overcoming the changes and readjusting to new conditions and circumstances? Well, of course, now you have new teachers and new group mates, you go to a different place every (or almost every) day, and your schedule probably bristles with the names of courses that looked rather unfamiliar to you at first. In addition, you home writing assignments appear to have some different requirements while some of them seem really challenging to you.

This all may make you feel very uneasy about your college study and even somewhat unsure of your success. Due to these moods, the growing heap of the papers you have to do within a certain period of time starts frightening you more and more. Add to it some other things like your part-time job or preparations to your relative’s birthday. And do not forget that one day has only 24 hours to offer you for everything you need to do.

So, let us make out what can be so complicated or puzzling about the most common types of college writing assignments. Below you will also find some handy hints which will help you complete all your papers successfully and, what is probably even more essential, to understand the general purpose of academic writing in college.

The Main Types of Paper Assigned to College Students

Besides providing the general characteristics of different home tasks you will face or, maybe, even have already faced in college, we are also going to describe the differences between them and the assignments you used to receive in school. Thus, you will be able to see clearly which particular features college paper writing has and how to consider and stick to them.

Please pay attention to the fact that you should better read slowly and carefully. There may happen a few things which will fist make you reread the statement and then realize that have never been taught them before, but they are still extremely important to adhere to if you want to complete your paper in the right way.

College Essays with More Requirements

Most of the essays as well as other papers you are assigned in college are based on arguments. To be more precise, college essays should be built on:

  • the set of statements, which would provide your point on the subject of your writing,
  • and on the evidence, which would support your claim and prove its reasonability.

So, you should be prepared to muse over quite ambiguous and controversial topics, state your personal opinion on them and provide a number of arguments to support it. Besides, it is very welcome to mention the opposite ideas on the issue you are writing about and analyze them as well. For example, if your argumentative or persuasive paper is dedicated to pros and cons of legalizing light drugs and you personally are against it, anyway you could also consider the opinions of those who advocate drugs legalization.

Research and/or Lab Reports

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While the research can be included in literally every college course, not all the disciplines have a laboratory component. So, lab reports are mostly associated with chemistry or physics, and actually these research papers may also include the results of your lab experiments or your report about them. Still, you should pay attention to what exactly you must be ready with: with a research paper or with a report as these two assignments may have different requirements and formats.

Your college term papers and even your thesis, of you decide to write it, can be also referred to research papers. All these assignments cannot be completed without studying various sources and doing the research either on them or using them as theory to support practical achievements. However, the structures and purposes of these papers can differ much, so again you should understand clearly their requirements.

Journal Entries

These are also certain reports or summaries in which you comment on your understanding and personal view of what you read and/or hear in class, and how it can be connected with your life experience. Journals are not very formal assignments though, of course, they should be written flawlessly and logically. A college journal should have two parts: your summary and your comments.

Students’ Portfolios

Your portfolio would be the collection of all your papers completed in a certain course. It could also be a good idea to add a cover letter to the portfolio providing the list of the papers it includes and your own perception of them or your attitude to writing in generally. However, you should better consult your professor before writing such letter and ask him or her if it is really worth attaching it to your portfolio.