Essay on Fan-fiction: What to Write

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Your professor of creative writing might have given you a topic that you are not really familiar with. Or maybe you are a longtime creator of fan-fiction and know all the ins and outs of this genre. In any case, you might want to get some guidance about how to compose a piece of writing that will inspire and enlighten your reader. Some might argue that fan-fiction is a legitimate genre, so let’s think some more about the truth behind it and how you personally can benefit from it when writing your work. This article will focus on the reasons of writing an essay about fan-fiction.

Why Write It?

Indeed, there are so many topics to choose from. However, you will find out a lot of new things while doing your research on such a topic, and here are some points that might interest you directly. Pay attention to them.

Fan-fiction and Technology

Fan-fiction is the creative work of millions of people around the globe, who freely take original characters from popular television shows, films or books into new journeys, or re-imagine their stories. It is amazing how widespread the phenomena of fan-fiction has become with the expansion of the internet. Exploring how fan-fiction and technology are connected will bring you a new insight on how rapidly this world is changing. Before, not everyone could have access to millions of readers around the globe, and sharing thoughts, views, stories quickly was problematic and could reach a much smaller number of people. Nowadays, technology rules over almost every aspect of our lives, and you could consider it in your essay.

Modern Tendencies

By analyzing the work of writers, we find out what is that the people really need. Since fan-fiction is non-profit, and truly created out of passion and devotion, it reflects the moods, emotions, goals, interests of common people. Whenever a fan-fiction writer re-imagines a situation that appeared in a popular television show, we can ask ourselves why he or she does it. What is it about the story line or the characters that did not sit well with him or her? Fan-fiction can give you a bigger insight on the stories that this world really wants to hear.


Fan-fiction connects users all around the globe. Anyone with access to the internet and a notepad can bring his or her outlook on a popular story. Millions of works from different writers of all kinds of re-imagined stories, using all languages can interact, influence each other and bring new color to the imaginary worlds. It is not a secret that we can make friends easily with the people who share our interests. A lot of online communities, including fan-fiction writers, help people around the world to make friends, share thoughts with representatives of different countries, backgrounds, ages, genders. Fan-fiction is about bringing people together, and you can highlight this aspect in your essay.

Creative Flood

Rainbow River

Stories about everyone’s favorite characters re-imagined as ghosts, zombies, astronauts, simple shopkeepers, politicians and so on captivate the imagination. There are stories out there that break every boundary, transport the characters into alternative universes, make them fight with monsters, defy time.

Anyone Can Write

From children to elderly people, from high schoolers to doctors of science, everyone can create bright content and be heard. Your success depends on how good your story is, and how many users find it interesting and share it with their friends, rather than from how good your PR team is, or how much money you invest in the process. It is completely free and makes you write just because you want to do it!

Amazing Perspectives

Now, many people who are not familiar with fan-fiction, will think that it is just about some stories that teenagers write to kill the time. However, there are examples of wildly successful fan-fiction that was turned into best seller books. Not many people know that the successful book 50 Shades of Grey was originally a fan-fic of Stephany Meyers’s Twilight series. A professor got so interested in the world of Harry Potter, and wanted to explain the magical world from a scientific point of view, which led to the acclaimed book Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality. Not only dies fan-fiction writing develop your writing skills, but it can also potentially lead you to publishing your own book and become an acclaimed professional writer.

How to Write It?

If you would really like to write an essay about fan-fiction, you can focus on the famous books that started out as fan-fiction, on how fan-fiction brings people together, on how it helps people find their creativity and the potential that it has. At the same time you can write from the perspective of the writer and the reader, write about the positive and negative effects of fan-fiction writing. Let your creativity run free! Here is some further reading on the topic.

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