Essay on Traveling: How to Sound Fresh

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The good old “My Summer Vacation” essay is enough to get a yawn out of schoolchildren, who are back from vacation. Indeed, it is hard to find a more chewed out topic. However, teachers at school and even university professors love to assign topics such as the joys of traveling and descriptions of the journeys you have had. Why is it so popular? Maybe because they would love you to reimagine such a topic to make it stand out with its creative new ideas among your groupmates’ works. Here is some freshness to inspire you in your writing adventures.

Why Write It?

Here are a few reasons to write such an essay that could inspire you to compose a truly amazing piece of writing.

Just Assigned

If you are thinking “I was just assigned this topic and would have never chosen it on my own” – this is a good reason to write this essay. You will challenge your abilities to write a good essay on a topic that does not interest you. Also, getting your work done and receiving an excellent mark is great motivation to pick up your pen. Another motivation is competition between your classmates and groupmates.

Introduce Another Country

Traveling often includes getting to other cities, countries and exploring the world unseen before. Whenever we go to another country, we see the world from a different point of view. The truth is that not everyone in your class might know a lot about different countries and people who live around the globe. Some are really confused about geography, and have an even worse picture of history.

If you introduce another country to your classmates, they will surely learn something new. At the same time, the simple process of traveling will not always bring you knowledge, so make sure to collect some materials along the way, or do thorough research online before or after you visit a country. Here are some other benefits of traveling.

Reimagine What You Saw

It is incredibly strange, but some people might find traveling boring and exhausting. What is the point of spending a lot of hours in preparations, giving up on everyday comfort, getting into unknown places and seeing boring things that are the same everywhere?

Indeed, with such an approach to traveling you will never understand its joy. Reimagine what you have seen during your “boring” travels as an adventure: you will find new meanings to it. Think about the history of the place you have been to, about the lives of the people who live there every day? How is their life different from yours? Think about others who travelled to the same place before you. What could and couldn’t you like if you were ten years older or younger?

Express Your Emotions

In your essay about traveling you can express all your emotions that have arisen inside of you during or after your trip. Whether it is excitement, joy, wonder, happiness, sadness, nostalgia, rage, confusion or something else, by putting your thoughts on paper you can express your emotions clearly and recreate your inner world. It will surely make you feel more peaceful about your journey and help you treasure your memories.

How to Write It?

Here are some new ideas that will help you jot down some thoughts on how to organize the process of compositing the paper. Discard all boring ways such as just describing your day as if it was a diary, dwelling too much upon irrelevant historical details or bringing out factual information only. Instead, take the methods below into consideration.

Shift a Point of View


You can turn your experiences into something exciting by shifting the point of view. How much more interesting your account of the summer days in your grandma’s country house would be if you were to write about them using your grandma’s cow as the main narrator? You can use a seagull for your uneventful days spend on the seaside, or a crow if you were a tourist in the Tower of London.

Of course, you could have an even more detailed and inspiring essay if you were to write from the point of view of the people who lived in the place of your destination for their whole lives. This concerns famous people either. Your essay would immediately spark attention if you were to write about Amsterdam, looking at it with the eyes of Vincent van Gogh.

Concentrate on the Five Senses

Do not write out facts such as “I woke up at 7. Went to the station. Got on the bus.” Such phrases do not evoke any associations and will be forgotten instantly. Instead try to appeal to the five senses of your reader. Describe the perfume of the waitress, the taste of the authentic noodles, the sounds of the Church bells, the way the cold stones of the castle felt against your skin, the paintings that you have seen in the gallery. It will bring out much deeper empathy and raise your description abilities to the higher level.

Recount Negative Experiences Too

If you write only about the exciting and good experiences you had and how much you enjoyed the journey, your reader might raise their eyebrow skeptically. Indeed, sometimes it is better to describe everything you experienced, combining the good and the bad with a humorous approach. Some negative situations such as the loss of your baggage, miscommunication with a local or a bad taxi driver can turn into hilarious situations too, which will also have an effect on your reader.

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