Editing Tips for Beginners: Basic Facts

Red Mistakes

Even though a lot of people prefer to skip the editing part and hand in their original essay to the professor straight away without rereading, this could turn out to be a great mistake and make them loose some precious bonuses and even their professor’s respect.

How many times have you printed out your essay and then noticed an embarrassing typo in the middle of the first phrase? If you would like to learn the benefits of editing and how to edit your papers quickly and efficiently, please read this article. There are some practical pieces of advice that anyone could follow to make their work stand out.

Why Is It Important?

Since school, you have probably listened to your professor talking about rereading your test before handing it in. You have stumbled upon articles online with the message that proofreading is crucial. But why on earth is it so important?

Get Rid of Embarrassing Mistakes

The main reason for editing is to get rid of embarrassing mistakes. You may not notice them when you are in the middle of your creative process. It is hard to pay attention to structuring sentences, grammar, cohesiveness and spelling at the same time, so there will be mistakes in the process.

You will be surprised that even the simplest words may contain mistakes. If you submit your work straight away, your professor will know that you used a shortcut and avoided editing. This will make you look like a careless student in his or her eyes.

Look at Your Work Anew

Girl Reading Essay

Whenever you reread your work, you may recall some facts that you have not mentioned and that would add to the argument you are trying to provide in your essay. If you postpone the editing process for a few days, you may discover some important details that you can pinpoint to the corkboard of your essay.

Also, it helps to see the general picture and how many paragraphs you have devoted to your arguments. Some students even discover that they have omitted a needed conclusion or introduction or that their arguments are too long or too short.

Play It By Ear

Even though your thought process may be perfectly logical when you are composing your brilliant work, you may find out that sometimes it is hard to decipher your meaning even to yourself. If you do not skip the editing and read your essay aloud to your mom, you will see how easy or hard it is to comprehend for someone who does not have the slightest clue about your topic.

How to Do It?

Here are some practical tips on how to edit like a master. Please use them the next time you write an essay, and see the positive difference in your grades.

Correct Grammar and Spelling

This is the first thing you should do while editing. You may do it straightaway after finishing your essay, but it is better to leave it for some time, so you will be able to see the mistakes clearly. You can also use some online spelling errors detectors if you are feeling unconfident. Check up for words that are spelt similarly, did you get “effect” and “affect” mixed up again? Do not try to save time on this step, as it will show your diligence and help you in the long run.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Words

If you are afraid that you cannot reach the necessary word count, you are likely to try to add unnecessary adjectives or repeat a notion by using synonyms. Sadly, your professor can see right through such tricks. Instead of saying that global warming is “dangerous, threatening and fatal”, you may use just one word that strikes the most.

Some unnecessary words also include such phrases as “in my opinion”, “I believe that” or “from my point of view”, which could adorn every paragraph of your essay. They are unnecessary because it is already understandable that your essay expresses your point of you and you should not bring the attention to the reader to this point once again. Here are some other unnecessary words that you could check out.

Read Aloud

Nothing helps better than reading aloud. Leave your essay for a few hours and then try to read it aloud smoothly. Whenever you stumble upon words, it means that your structure and cohesiveness are not excellent. Maybe you used a really long phrase that is hard to read all in one breath. This means that for the reader it will be hard to catch your meaning. It is better to divide it into two smaller phrases. Whenever you are using a word that is hard to pronounce, think if it is really necessary and cannot be explained with simpler terms.

Ask For Help

If you are really stuck and cannot decide whether your work is good enough, you can always ask a friend to proofread your essay. Also, do not hesitate to place an order with our team of experts, and we will be glad to edit your essay for you!

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