Essay You Do Not Care About: Write It Now!

Bored Student

We all have some days when we would rather clean the whole house, wash the dishes, do some ironing and walk the dog in the freezing cold weather rather than write a single word of a long overdue essay. Indeed, why should you write essays when there are so many other things that you could do instead? If you follow this train of thought, you can also ask yourself: sure, avoiding your task is easy enough, but is it the solution? You have surely heard it many times that getting done with your work earlier will only make it stress-free. So here are some ways to make yourself write that essay you do not care about so much. Take the points below into consideration and sharpen your pencils!

Rational Arguments

If you are a person who is inclined to think logically rather than emotionally, who can listen to arguments and analyze them, it may be easier for you to convince yourself that the work on your essay is not futile. The most rational pro-writing argument is that you are a student who is enrolled in college or attends school for a reason, and that reason is becoming better and gaining knowledge, and your essay is a small brick in the whole construction of your character. Here are some other hints to make your work move quicker.

Irrational Arguments

If logic and structure are lost on you, you might want to try a more emotional approach. Think of the feeling of relief and happiness you will get when your essay will be handed in to your professor. Think of the pride your parents and teachers will feel when you finally tackle a topic that is difficult to you. You can even think of envy that will fill the hearts of your competitors – anything to make you start crafting your essay.

Be Better Than Your Groupmates

Have you ever wondered why all study is provided in groups? A big factor that contributes to collective education is the interaction that the students can have with each other in the learning environment. We often feel like the teacher is comparing us with each other. Sometimes this competition can bring you unexpected benefits: you will want to finish your essay at any cost, and better than another student. Try to benefit from the system in any way possible.

Make Your Teacher Proud

Happy Teacher

Sometimes the best motivation is getting a high praise from a person we admire. That is why, when you truly like a teacher, it is easier to make yourself do your homework. Think about how much effort your teacher puts into the subject they teach, how hard they work on explaining the material or grading all students. It would be a pity to make them disappointed, would it not?

Spark Interest

Get really involved in the subject. You have probably heard this piece of advice before, and maybe you are skeptical about it, because you do not know how to get interested in something like global warming or medieval history. Do not worry, the key to do it right is to find an aspect that appeals to you personally. Maybe you do not care about global warming, but think about all those amazing animals that suffer because of it: polar bears, dolphins and so on. Medieval history can be pretty boring, but you still can focus on something that appeals to you personally: court gossip or knight tournaments.

Set Word Count

Sometimes the only way to finish a completely boring essay is to set a word count. If your essay needs to have 1000 words, you can divide the writing into 5 sessions of 200 words each. Anyone would agree that it is easier to write 200 words instead of 1000 in one session. Taking breaks between intensive periods of work can boost your productivity. Setting a clear goal and dividing your big task into smaller tasks can motivate you highly and make you finish in no time.



Another great way to just do it – is to promise yourself a treat afterwards. It could be a bag of sweets, a walk in the park, chatting with your friends or anything else you would rather devote yourself to instead of writing your essay. Be sure to never give yourself rewards before the work is done. It will surely feel even better to indulge in something pleasant after all work is done and you do not feel the weight of responsibility on your shoulders.


If you do not like the system of rewards, you can use an opposite one – the system of penalties. Think about an awful punishment that you will have to implement if you cannot finish your essay on time. It could be washing dishes, refusing from some delicious treats you like, not getting online for the whole evening. If you can come up with something equally possible and dreadful, you can easily finish your essay in no time!


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