Depression Hold-Yourself Tips

Advice on Depression

Just a list of short but needed tips for those who feel really depressed. Read and think. We hope this will help you.

Depression: Not Alone

  1. You are not alone feeling like that. And this is what you’ve got to understand. Know that there is a silent legion of those who constantly meet “Happy-Persons-Thinking-You-Just-Need-To-Try”. There are people in depression, there are people who were depressed in their past, and there are those who just haven’t felt that yet.
  2. “Happy People” really want to help. And they try to help as much as they can. Even if their tips and comments seem to blame you for your mental illness. They feel better by sharing with you their advice pieces, even if their recommendations make you feel a lot worse than before. They just can’t understand what you feel.
  3. Ask a pro for help. See your psychologist or psychotherapist. You will need to talk about some mentally heavy stuff sooner or later, and there are specialists who earn money by listening to you and helping you to move towards the end of the tunnel to see your light.
  4. Pills do that much, really. Antidepressants are actually useful for leveling you out and giving you additional time, so you could move through your way of getting better. They can help, and there are numerous variations of them at the market. They take some time to inflict your organism, but once they do, you’ll feel a bit better. Still, they may not be yours, so you’d better consult a doctor.
  5. Get back to a hobby you used to be fond of in the past (drawing, playing the guitar, roller-skating, etc.) and explore it for yourself once more. Or go in for any activity you have always wanted to try yourself in. Depression is closely connected to creativity, and history confirms that. This is a light side of this condition, so use it in order to get better.
  6. Eat in small portions, but do that regularly. And try to make your food healthy. Chewing chips and drinking juice is tasty, but you can’t continue living like that forever. Try not to add anorexia or gastritis to your depression troubles. That’s not worth it, really.
  7. If there is insomnia bothering you with its hamsters running on wheels inside your head, watch night news or any other “Discovery” or “National Geographic” programs. Coffee is to be poured out, replace it with green or herbal tea. If you just can’t fall asleep, go for the next advice…
  8. Try some meditation techniques. Focus on your breathing first. Not on trying to fall asleep, not on any thoughts. Focus on being where you are. Completely present time, present place, your body. Do not care about anything happening around. There are you. And nothing and no one more. No thoughts, no feelings, no things happening. This is not real sleep, and even if you don’t get into dreamworld, you’ll have some rest and a chance to recharge your organism as well.

Depression: Go on Living

Depression Tip List

  1. Look outside as many times as you can. See sights through the window at home, at university or office. Watch the world. Try observing it and finding something unusually beautiful or interesting out there to fix your eyes on it. And if you follow people outside, remember that the one-fifth part of them there are feeling the same things as you do just at the moment.
  2. If you want – cry. Cry out, not in. It is not always good for your study course or professional career to cry, so try finding any place where you’ll be able to remain alone, and let your tears go. Face wipes, eye-drops and extra dose of concealer if you wear any makeups. It is always possible to blame annoying allergies, too.
  3. Any “friend” who constantly tries to convince you that your depression is the result of your laziness/not trying hard/not working/not having a girlfriend must be cut off. One thing: do that politely, remembering about point number 2. You are not in a must of explaining everything, you just may not respond. Really, you’ve already got bad enough, do you need that kind of “help”?
  4. If there are people draining your mind and nerves off you, limit the time spent near them. You know the deal, don’t you? There is always a couple of those. No, you don’t have a choice, but simple measuring is an available option all the time. And stay posted about what you ask your relatives and close people to do for you.
  5. Every human has some hell to deal with. What bothers you is your deal. Understand that you are not alone with that, but you are NOT THE ONLY ONE as well. Yes, feeling jealous of or envy somebody who looks like a person with no problems might light up the grey world around, but you simply can’t know what others feel and how they do carry on with their lives, so don’t create illusions.
  6. “Let go or be dragged”. This is an ancient Buddhist expression. And a really helpful thing if you want to analyze some aspects of your depression. Fear, anger, guilt, betrayal: letting this stuff go takes time. It’s a process, a painful, long and difficult process. But this is another way you could use to get out of the dark cage you’ve got trapped in. Repeat that mantra once you feel destroyed by those emotions again.
  7. Wear clothes that allow you to get more confident. Putting on nice clothes takes as much time as putting on your pajamas. You’ll have a wish to stay in pajamas. Fight that wish. The matter of “looking good is feeling better” is not only for women or chemotherapy patients. That works for anyone.
  8. Do not waste your time on watching fictional tragedies and dramas. Anything that got Pulitzer’s prize is a plague for you in your condition. You’ve got that stuff in your own drama called Real Life Action, so why do you need more of that? Comedies are your cure. Or any trash on the TV-shows – that’s what will keep you feeling not empty at all. Additional cool stuff: clever and funny books. Fiction is to appeal to your emotions, and what you need most while being depressed is laughter.
  9. Easy workout exercises if you feel that’s possible for you. Walk around your apartment’s block, or run up a stairway. Nobody asks you to run 40 km of Marathon’s run or to climb Everest. Just shake yourself up a bit.

Depression Workout

  1. Depression is going to lie. Depression will make you think that you know other people’s thoughts. It will seem to you that they treat you as unloved. And not worth their attention. And they don’t care or even wish to harm you. You are not a psychic: repeat that in your mind really often. The only possible way to find out what others think is asking them about that directly. Don’t get yourself into illusions.
  2. Give yourself your own forgiveness. Find the strength inside your soul to walk outside. For a minute or two. Try the same thing the next day. And the day after. And then again. And you’ll win at last. Just keep going.

The article won’t make you happy. It won’t cure your mind, switching it to another mode. That will never be that easy, don’t even think about such a gift. But still, this list above can support you on your way of getting better.


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