Becoming a Content Writer: Do You Suit for the Job?

Looking in the Mirror

It will be hard to find someone with good writing skills who has not considered trying out the profession of a content writer. There are many benefits of such a job, but as any thing you do not know a lot about, it has little traps that should be avoided (what they say is that knowing is already an armor against the danger). Here are a few benefits of such a job and a few skills you have to develop to become a successful content writer.

Why Is It a Good Occupation?

Working with Texts

If you like writing so much that are sure that making it a must will not result in hating it, it will be perfect for you to apply your skills and make for living.

Working When It Is Convenient

If you are not working in the office, but instead decided to become a freelancer, you will be able to plan your schedule and work at 7 AM or late at night, and nobody will think you are being strange, except for your cat.

Ability to Work Distantly

A lot of young people dream to have an opportunity to work remotely, so they could travel or plan their time independently on the working hours, as long as they have their laptop and are sure they will have wi-fi.

Why Can It Be Challenging?

Readiness to Work Within Tight Schedules

The most well-paid tasks are the urgent ones, so not only you have to be able to complete the work correctly, you should know how to do it right from the first time, as no corrections will be allowed.

Risk to Not Get Paid

If you are working as a freelancer, you are responsible for taking the job at your own risk. Unlike while working in the company, you might never be sure if the new client will pay for the completed work, as it is usually paid afterwards.

Feeling Frustrated

Your Life Is a Constant Living-in-the-Office

Unlike other people, who forget to think about their job as soon as they leave the office, any content writer always has either the deadlines they should meet, or the fact that they have to search for the new task to work on hanging over them.

Not Scared? Here Is How You Can Become a Skilled Content Writer

In case you are still sure you can cope with the peculiarities of this job, it is high time to think about the skills that need improving.

Writing Skills

Even if you think you have no problems with this, there are still some aspects to work on. First of all, you should understand that you will need to write about dull topics most of the time, as the required texts are either created to inform the clients about something or to sell some products. As well, you have to check if you can write good texts without typos, grammar, spelling or other errors within very short time, as in case you get an urgent task, you might have no time left for proofreading.

Write in Different Styles

As well, you will need to know how to write each text, what style to choose and be ready that you will need to be a chameleon and be ready to adjust your writing to the needs as much as you will be required to leave the client/employer satisfied.

Work on Originality

Plagiarism is a killer of the content writer’s career. Your content should be original, and even if you use the sources, it is not the rewriting you should do, but sharing of your own point of view after checking them all. If you do not have a set checker you have to use for the task to find out if there are any plagiarized bits, find one yourself and check your texts for plagiarism every time before sending them.

Typing on Keyboard

Knowing the basics of SEO and HTML

The text should not only be well-written, but should, as well, work for the purpose of bringing more people to the website. This is why knowing the algorithms of how it can be achieved will be critical in case you want to be a content writer.

Knowing the Types of Articles

You will be required to write different kinds of texts, so the sooner you get to know about their structure the better. Try to write a few texts, like a book review, a how to article or a newspaper article, so you get to see what is special about any of them. This way, you will avoid googling the type of article you agreed to write a few hours before the deadline.

Ability to Meet the Deadline

Even if you are a brilliant content writer with a deep understanding of the audience’s needs, nobody will wait for you to finish the job after the deadline has passed too many times. There are three equally important features of your working style: quality, correctness and in-time delivery. Do not think that any two of these, being well-developed, can compensate the gap in the missing one.

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