Children Watching Asian Dramas and Their Parents

The room of a teenager or young adult sometimes becomes his/her own castle full of secrets. It’s not that we store a superhero costume there, like Peter Parker, or have hidden ways which lead to the headquarter of the Spying Association, like in a multi-episode cartoon «Totally Spies! ». It`s just a willing to build a comfort zone, to create an atmosphere which corresponds to your world whether it is imaginative or the most desired one.

Parents Would Be Grateful

Every one of us has their own interests, hobbies, surroundings, and many other things that form our personality. It often happens that it’s hard for the parents to understand why we prefer one thing to another, but, come on, how the hobby of watching Asian dramas could do harm to anyone? Before you start to imagine probable delicate pictures, read few issues that need to be highlighted here:

  • Would you believe if a person who has been watching dramas for 8 years said that she has never heard a joke based on religious, racial or sexual background?

We don’t put any labels or stamps, but let’s be honest… how about an experiment? Get your thoughts together and try to remember at least one American TV-serial in the category of comedies (plus melodrama, for example) the humor component of which you could describe the like in the statement above? How many of you succeeded? Supposedly, not many. This is the answer why so many fans of doramas opt for Asian TV-serials – they are “bright,” with no black humor and no brutal jokes at all.

You can call it as you want – conservative views, denial or escape from reality, or how you are going to explain stubborn unwilling to watch American sitcoms (not anymore), but such characteristic is a huge advantage for many people. By the way, parents would say “Thank you” at least for that.

  • Would you believe if the same person told you that fingers of one hand would be enough to indicate the number of dramas, where so-called bedroom scenes were shown? (the total number of watched doramas is 130)

It is clear with this point as well why parents would be satisfied if you chose Asian dramas to watch – no opportunity to learn something really useful, right? No passionate poses, no sexual moves, only how to evoke a sincere smile or how to make a pretty girl blush…

A Girl Blushing

Children’s Hobby vs. Stubborn Parents

Of course, there are parents that have nothing against today’s TV-serials at all, because it’s impossible to protect the child from all those things on the Internet, so what’s the matter? «Get to know the world as you see and feel it.» Great! Want such reality, because for now happens the following: mom comes into the room, tells to fold the clothes in the closet, notices her daughter watching another drama and says: “Oh, again your Chinkeys.” – “Mooooom”, arrives back, “They are not Chinkeys!!! They are gorgeous! Almond-colored eyes, cool hair, stylish outfit. Eekh, I wish one of these ones were my boyfriend!” – “Yeah, over my dead body.” – “But, mom!” – “Don’t Mama me!” Then the short war of face-expression begins: steely glances, “tiger-looks”, long tongues and stuff. In a minute, everything fits together: love, peace, and harmony, but how it is difficult to convince your mom, that Korean models-singers-actors look yummy!

If you want to introduce the world of dramas to your parents, you have to be very careful with the first choice. It’s make or break. Pulling the strings of their hearts is not so difficult with Asian TV-serials. Producers know how to make a spectator FEEL an actual connection with the character. In addition, dramas have the stale mate situations, harsh decisions to make (that has nothing to do with the saving world thing, not even close, it’s all about the well-being of the closed ones, their deep feelings) and some other tricks, like unforgettable scripts.

My parents were blown away when they saw the Korean film “Old Boy.” Damn, it was literary a break-through. The post-effect lasted for a week; they discussed it, recommended to friends and still were shocked that Korean people can make movies like this one! HA! Although, you should think twice before downloading particularly this film which is psychologically tough. Moreover, this “mind-bombarding” method may not work with your parents. Perhaps, kind and touching tactic should be put into effect.

Here is a small list of films that would be great for your first common acquaintance with Asian dramas:

  • You are my pet (Korean version, movie)
  • Miss Granny
  • Koizora / Sky of love (movie)
  • A-gi-wa Na / Baby and I
  • Toki Wo Kakeru Shoujo (2010)

Lesson Time

Frankly speaking, parents and children themselves could learn a lot from Asian dramas. You see, when it comes to Japan, China or Korea, we talk about absolutely different culture, values and, thus, a system of family relationships. It is more like a hierarchy, with submission and obedience in all levels (grandparents-parents, parents-children). Between the generations even in one family, there is always a line to be drawn by respectfulness and extreme politeness. Reasons for that lay in several-hundred-old traditions, but you know what? Although, the parents-children connection may seem strange, unusual or even wrong (to the Western eye), the way they speak to each other, the way they regard each other is truly inspiring.

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