Books: Are They Worth Reading?

Everybody knows that we live in the “digital world”. This is the time when we can find almost everything by a click. People, especially teenagers, forget about the real meaning and value of an ordinary book. Our aim is to renew your knowledge about it and encourage you to read more. In this article you are going read the reasons why you should start reading books.

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Build Yourself

Books develop us as personalities. One can find the answers to the most difficult philosophical questions, broaden the horizons and become a pleasant person to deal with.

A reader can even change their lifestyle, because the main characters often inspire to do more and, as a result, to achieve more. Statistic shows that a book-lover is an interesting person with unusual thoughts and believes. It is evident that people are eager to communicate with an erudite and an individual who can express independent opinion and feelings.

Improve Your Language

Books also enrich our vocabulary, which is valuable, as we do not like listening to the same words and word-parasites during a long period of time. One would probably turn around and go away from that “wise head”. So, books are the best teachers of oratorical skills, creative thinking and extraordinary lifestyle.

Good Motivation

Books help the reader reveal new skills and possibilities. The reader sees that a character can achieve a lot and thinks why her or she cannot get it either. People have a chance to change something they do not like in their daily routine.

It does not matter how old they are, books motivate everybody not to be afraid of unusual and not inherent actions. That is perfect, as our world consists of people who make the planet a better place to live on, and readers are grateful for that, because they can find their purpose in life.

Such activity as reading discovers the hidden side of a reader’s personality. One follows the main character’s lifestyle, finds an interesting hobby and brings something new into grey weekdays. If you cannot finish your project, put it away, take a book, and may fresh ideas enlighten and inspire you.

Fight with Stress

Scientists proved that during reading our organism produced endorphin, the hormone of happiness, the heart rate slowed down and the tension in muscles relieved. So, the more you read, the happier and ready for work you are.

If you feel lonely, disappointed and depressed, find 5 minutes and make yourself read the first book, laying on the shelf or table. It will definitely change your mood and improve your self-esteem. Imagine: just 5 minutes. It also anticipates the appearance of stress, making you stay calm and satisfied for a long period of time.

Additional Tip

In books we get acquainted with lots of characters, read hundreds descriptions of landscape, intense actions, and so on. It is not an easy task to remember all these compositional elements.

While reading, you can stop and think about a phrase seen, or an unpredictable action committed by some evil character. It is wonderful, as it is a good chance to go deep into thinking. When watching TV and listening to the radio you do not have such an opportunity, you cannot click the pause button in your mind as you will miss a vital and, maybe, the most important part of the text.

Additional Tip#2

Some say that books were probably created to entertain people. While reading you travel through time and space, see impossible things, meet weird and funny characters or, on the contrary, mysterious heroes. Some can even state that books are more thrilling and fascinating than TV shows and serials. A well-written book keeps us amazed and develops our personalities. That is one more reason why we should value it.

Astonished Face

Develop Imagination Skills

One cannot read the text without feeling any emotions and having any thoughts. It is one of the most significant benefits of a book. When you read, you get involved into a fictional world, live the way the main characters do.

Everybody knows the feeling when they worry about the hero, laugh with him or her and sometimes (or always) cry over a dramatic scene. That is how imagination develops. The reader creates a film with unique special effects in their mind. Reading stimulates our brains better than movies, as our mind only perceives the picture on TV, not imagines it. That helps our mind stay in a positive working tension.

More Reading = Better Writing

In fact, books will improve your writing skills. This tip is more useful for students and pupils, but it is considerable for adults, as well. You will surely have higher marks for your summaries and essays at school in case you read at least 10 pages a day. You will find the process of writing a coursework at the university easy and interesting, not frightening and impossible. It is also a good idea to write articles and essays for customers in the Internet, as you will both develop writing skills and earn good money.

Reliable Information

There are several scientists who devote their lives to discover something useful for mankind, such as medicines, vaccines, planes, etc. They are eager to help other people, so they do not want to damage their professional reputation.

These authors also are well known, that is why we can trust them. When we are searching for the information in the Internet, we may not know the names of the authors of scientific articles or information in the Wikipedia, for example. They can write everything they want, so, it would be better if you read a book from library, written by a famous doctor or explorer.

Library Shelves


Now, when you know all these facts, it is logical for you to go to the library and retire with a book to a silent reading hall. Forget about your problems for a while. Reading will give you satisfaction, knowledge and fun. Remember the words of Ray Bradbury: not reading books is a worse crime than burning them.



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